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22 August 2023
Google News Approval: A Key Step Toward Increasing Website Visibility

Are you looking to boost your website traffic and make sure the quality of your content is top-notch? Well, one way to go about this could be getting approved by Google News. This can prove a great method in optimizing SEO, highlighting news pieces and netting yourself an audience that will help drive growth - […]

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7 February 2023
How to Convert PSD to HTML

These images, which have been saved in Adobe Photoshop's proprietary format, are commonly used by web designers when creating web templates. Webmasters can then purchase the files and alter the design elements such as colors, buttons, and backgrounds. Still, there is one issue: they must be skilled in using Photoshop or a similar program to […]

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20 January 2023
All the Things You Want to Know About Google News

If you're an internet marketer looking to generate traffic to your website, you might want to consider adding Google News to your site. There are a few things you'll need to know about it to get the most out of it, including how to use it to its fullest potential. Create a sitemap for your […]

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20 January 2023
Google News: Everything You Need To Know

Keeping up with the latest news can be hard, and it's easy to miss out on important stories if you're not actively looking for them. That's why Google News is such an invaluable resource. It gathers news from different sources and presents it in one place, making it much easier to stay updated. In this […]

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27 October 2022
Accessible website design - WCAG Developer UK

When creating a website, design professionals must consider how people with disabilities will access the site. This process is called accessible website design. By making a few simple changes to the way a site is designed, developed and organised, people with disabilities can use the site just as easily as everyone else. The web is […]

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24 October 2022
Website Writers are in demand! What is a website writer?

A website writer is a person who creates content for a website. This includes writing articles, creating graphics, and coding web pages. Website writers must be able to write in a clear and concise manner. They must also be familiar with HTML and CSS. Website writers create content for a variety of different websites. Website […]

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