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SEO – If You Want Online Marketing Success, You Need SEO!

SEO - If You Want Online Marketing Success, You Need SEO!

SEO – If You Want Online Marketing Success, You Need SEO!

The times when online businesses only required a simple website and an email address are long gone. Too many countries have joined the World Wide Web and merchants all around the globe have put up shop in the world’s virtual shopping mall which emerged on the Internet.

It goes without saying that, nowadays, every business needs a website. This may not be an easy task for small-business owners, who are trying to juggle their company’s start-up process, financial turmoil and everything else related to their new enterprise. For them, there is only one obvious solution; if they want to make virtual history they will have to hire a professional website designer.

As part of their consultation, website developers should feel obligated to mention SEO, or search engine optimisation, to their clients. Many of them do, others don’t. The reason why some website service providers ignore mentioning SEO is because:

– They presume the clients know about SEO, when in fact they do not.
– They assume the clients are not interested because they feel it is not a requirement to be successful on the Internet.
– They want to bill the SEO applications as a separate service later on.

Even if small-business owners, who are having their first website designed, knew about SEO, it is very unlikely they would ask for it. They may even assume it would automatically be included in their website order. This raises the question: should web designers discuss SEO up front, during initial consultations?

Many newcomers to e-commerce know little about search engines and how they operate. They believe that all they need is a website, and that in no time, their URL will spread like a wildfire by simple offline advertising and word-of-mouth. How little do they know, until months later when they abruptly wake up to realize their online business is in shambles!

Web crawlers are attracted to search engine friendly websites. Web designers know that quite well, and if they want to offer their clients impeccable services they should reveal that information up front. For convenience, they could even include SEO in their basic web design packages, or offer it as an affordable add-on option. By explaining the importance of SEO tools, they would not only help their customers, but also enhance their own reputation. Believe it or not, most people still respect honesty and appreciate all-around services.

Clients, who do not feel the immediate need for SEO, should be informed that the longer they wait, the longer they will be invisible to search engines. These clients should also be told that their costs may be substantially more if they want their website optimized later on. One of the reasons the fee could increase is because some of the original page lay-outs may be unsuitable for a user and search engine friendly design. For example: unattractive content may have to be rewritten, pages may need rearranging and slow-loading flash videos removed.

There is no doubt about it! Marketing strategies have changed and today, no business will reach top search engine rankings without SEO. Be it google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN or Ask, they are all hungry for keywords, link building, proper page structures, HTML, or anything else that will feed their everlasting appetite for information. So, why not give it to them?!

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Source by Mathew Striger

Digital Marketing Course Opening New Horizons of Success in Marketing

Digital Marketing Course Opening New Horizons of Success in Marketing

Digital Marketing Course Opening New Horizons of Success in Marketing

Why go for a digital marketing course?
Money is rapidly being drained away from conventional marketing towards digital platforms, and, with that, the need for marketing professionals to get well-versed with digital techniques and analytical fundamentals has also increased.

What one will learn in Digital marketing course?
Search Engine optimisation (SEO): SEO is becoming a critical channel for marketing and helps in boosting your websites rank by fetching more traffic with keyword management, on- and off-page optimisation, URL building, link building and many more of such facet. Students will be given a chance to do so on the wordpress site by using Yoast SEO plug-in.

Social media marketing: A social media campaigning strategy for a product or service is crafted and implemented on different platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Further, the success of the strategy amongst targeted audience is analyzed for conversion rate and amplification. It also gives an insight into how social media can play a critical role in brand building and if likes on social media really help in improving sales.

Web analytics: This part provides a chance to deal with real data in order to authenticate or confirm the hypotheses is real for any e-commerce store. google analytics tool is quite handy and proved its value over time and, therefore, is the most used tool. Students can download the mobile application of google Analytics for getting well- versed with the same.

Online advertisements: This gives an opportunity to get glibness in paid platforms on internet such as google AdWords, Facebook Ads and YouTube Ads to target the potential buyers, figure out the acquisition cost and campaigning costs. A spreadsheet is prepared to evaluate the profit margins and thoroughly compare the cost-per-click with average order price and customer lifetime value.

Data visualization: This segment deals with converting raw data into useful information for crafting dashboards to help the stakeholders remain updated with important figures and changes in them over time.

Opportunity to work with real e-commerce companies: Institutes invite designers, campaign strategists, and expert marketers to deliver special lectures on various topics like pros and cons of different marketing tools, email marketing, online network building, search engine optimisation, user experience designing and mobile marketing etc. Students also get an opportunity to deal with these tools first hand by doing group as well as solo projects and building their personal website in wordpress. They are also made to work with e-commerce companies in real-time once they are well equipped with the knowledge of various facets of digital marketing.

Career prospects after the course
Students after clearing various exams conducted from time to time get a firm grasp on all tactics of digital marketing, various tools and resources that are available. They are also provided with quality placement assistance. It is one of the highest paid departments in any company. You have an option to work as a freelancer or get associated with companies and work in a more organized environment. Following are the posts available for marketing graduates with specialization in digital marketing:

  • Digital marketing manager
  • Content marketing manager
  • Social media marketing specialist
  • SEO executives
  • Copywriters
  • Content writers
  • Conversion rate optimizers
  • Search engine marketers
  • Inbound marketing experts

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Source by Shalini M

The Success Of Eccomerce And The Future Expectations

The Success Of Eccomerce And The Future Expectations

The Success Of Eccomerce And The Future Expectations

It was in the 1970’s that eccomerce appeared on the scene. Originally it was a process of electronically transacting business using Electronic Data Interchange and Electronic Funds Transfer. This was a way of making electronic transactions and information between businesses. This is the basis of the eccomerce that is enjoyed today. Although this was an adventurous plan they could not begin to predict eccomerce and the future it would bring.

Because of this original invention, credit cards, ATM machines and telephone banking developed in the 1980’s. Early in 1990 this expanded to include enterprise resource planning, data mining and warehousing. By 1994 this phenomenal use of technology started to advance by leaps and bounds.

With the introduction of high speed internet connections there were faster connective speeds and the ability to make more online transactions. Between 1998 and 2000, businesses first started building their online eccomerce sites, unfortunately, in 2000 there were a number of these businesses that failed. This was mainly due to their failure to realize the type of web site design that is needed to be successful.

This did not discourage many of the stronger businesses and they stayed with the idea of eccomerce. The success of their faith in the idea is illustrated by the huge amount of commercial transactions that now happen every day on the Internet.

It was in 1994 that eBay and Amazon were the first to establish eccomerce brands. This was not success at first try. Amazon is considered the first eccomerce pioneer but it was ten years before a profit was ever realized a profit because of the immense amount of investment required when it was launched.

It is hard to believe that Amazon started out as an online bookstore when one looks at its extensive coverage of online products today. It also was the original enterprise to pioneer in affiliate marketing, which allows other websites to earn sales commissions by way of referrals to Amazon sites. Amazon and Dell are recognized as the two largest internet retailers in the world.

It is amazing how a single idea can advance to the giant that eccomerce is today. When one looks at the thousands of online stores on the web, where it is possible to make a purchase at the click of a mouse, it is unbelievable. With their advanced web tracking abilities, these sites can determine customers preferences and plan their marketing accordingly. With the ability to make purchases on line, many people do the majority of their purchasing in this manner. Safeway and Albertsons even offer online shopping and delivery of grocery goods which has become very popular.

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Source by Carolyn Clayton

Hire a Dedicated WordPress Developer and Guide Your Business Towards Success

Hire a Dedicated WordPress Developer and Guide Your Business Towards Success

Hire a Dedicated wordpress developer and Guide Your Business Towards Success

An operator in the physical world has its own set of limitations. A business has to invest a huge sum of money and the returns often don’t justify the efforts, at least in the beginning. One drawback that most offline businesses often face is lack of depth in terms of accessing the market. Which is why, a takes a massive investment in marketing and advertising initiatives to get noticed. The kind of promotional budget needed to make any substantial headway in the real world tends to be extremely steep.

Which is why, only big businesses or corporate houses survive and rule the roost. The scenario however is entirely different in the digital space. Here, a level-playing level is available, I. e., it does not matter what scale or magnitude your business does have. Being online means more or less similar kind of opportunities and marketplace available for one and all to gain from. A small business here has as much chance to make a killing as giant corporations do.

And that’s why, taking the business online is a craze that refuses to cease with everyone, including individuals and entities, appears headed where all the action lies. It’s however an entirely different matter that not all reach to the point of success. Why? Because not everyone has a well-designed and user-friendly website to target their audience in the desired manner. On the other hand, there are businesses that fail to select a right platform for their website and thus, fail to attract users on the internet.

So, we can safety say that it’s the selection of a right platform or CMS that makes a big difference to the kind of benefits a website will or will not gain on the internet. And this is where the role of wordpress – a popular content management system – comes into play. As it helps businesses get top-quality and feature-rich websites in a cost-effective manner, its utility grows. More so, it makes editing of content an extremely easy exercise.

As the market is full of platforms to get a business-friendly website developed, you need to know those reasons that make wordpress stand out from the crowd. You should know that this CMS is an open source product means it does not call for any licensing fees for installation, use, upgrade or management purposes. More so, it keeps development costs lower to help businesses boost their ROI. In addition, being fitted with a clean and easy to use dashboard makes it a preferred choice for programmers.

wordpress has many big online forums of users, coders and programmers to deliver help for any problem with the CMS. More so, being web-based makes it easily accessible from anywhere, anytime for editing or back-end purposes. More so, wordpress keeps getting newer updates on a timely basis to enhance its capabilities. With over 18,000 plugins and social media extensions or apps, it can transform your business completely.

In overall,you should hire dedicated wordpress developer to benefit from these mentioned features. In doing so, you take a giant stride towards taking your business to growth and success. So, keep moving ahead and realize the objectives.

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wordpressdeveloper-and-Guide-Your-Business-Towards-Success&id=9315959″>Source by Abhilash Tyagi

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