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Proven SEO Reports For Your Website

Proven SEO Reports For Your Website

Proven SEO Reports For Your Website

SEO, search engine optimisation basically refers to the notion of improving your website’s capability to get spectators through search sites. Every time someone punches a key phrase or term into google, Yahoo, or MSN, you would like your website to come up first. This is only natural because everybody wants more traffic to their web sites to make more money off them, whether the income is created through ad clicks or affiliate sales. Having mentioned that, there are paths to approach warranted search engine optimisation at this point, and most web masters already known them.

Building websites and blogs is a well known way to earn income in this time. So many of us all around the globe invest effort and time into this practice or spare time pursuit. A few of the people even go so far as to doing it for a living, while others only attempt to supplement their revenue. One thing is for certain; if you get into web publishing and blogging, you may want guaranteed SEO. For those that are unclear about what search engine optimisation is, read more.

A major side of SEO is keywords. Take a moment to think about your website or blog’s niche. OK, now think about the primary keywords and key phrases you ought to be employing throughout the posts or pages. You need to emphasize key terms that apply to your subject. This way when internet surfers type words into search engines that pertain to your bog or website, your link comes up in the results. The closer to the start the better, not so many people look past the 1st page of search results.

Another method to get involved with assured search engine optimisation is by checking into useful web sites like enetseo. com, sitesolutions. com, and Wisdek-seo. com. These useful sites expand on the subject of guaranteed search engine optimisation for websites and blogs, without reference to the niche you’ve chosen. It’s also important to remember that how much you write plays a part in how well your internet pages are indexed with leading search engines. Although fast blog posts might be easily read, search sites like posts and pages to be more like 400-500 words. They recognise these more effectively, and have a tendency to rank them better.

Using advertising on your site is also a fabulous facet of warranted SEO. Advertisements are then placed all though cyberspace that bear on your blog or site. They are commonly posted on similar sites, and permit web browsers to click the ad, which takes them directly to your page. This naturally increases traffic and search engine optimisation. Follow these easy tricks of the trade and get more visitors.

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Source by Janelle Elizabeth

Why an Online Marketing Company is Ideal For Internet Businesses

Why an Online Marketing Company is Ideal For Internet Businesses

Why an Online Marketing Company is Ideal For Internet Businesses

Businesses situated in Scotland can obtain excellent services from an online marketing company. Whether your business is situated in Scotland or anywhere in the UK however, acquiring Internet solutions from a marketing company will help your business scale better heights. Marketing an online business needs expert knowledge and reliable experience. Since not all website owners have the needed expertise, dealing with professional agencies can prove helpful in the long run.

While many business owners are worried on the costs involved in getting a paid online marketing campaign, there are affordable means in acquiring marketing solutions nonetheless. Thus, it is essential to assess every web marketing company that you deal with as well as to check the services they offer.

If you are still considering on seeking the services of an online marketing agency, the following reasons can help you understand why doing so can be valuable.

Marketing companies can help you get to the top of search engines

Having your website optimised for the search engines is not an easy thing to master. Search engine optimisation is one online marketing strategy that needs the comprehensive knowledge of SEO professionals. Although website owners who are experts in SEO can develop strategies in-house, seeking the assistance of optimisation experts can produce worthwhile solutions and results in a very short span of time.

Having a selection of online advertising options

Through Internet marketing services, you can have multiple options on the advertising methods needed by your business. Not only will you be able to access organic SEO methods, you can also obtain excellent PPC campaigns. If your web business is still on the process of building up traffic the natural way, using Pay per Click advertising methods will give your site immediate high traffic.

Access to Consulting Services from Scotland Web Professionals

With an Internet marketing company, you can consult the requirements of your website in terms of web promotions. An Internet marketing consultant can help you determine which aspects of your business and your website needs more development.

Whether your business requires a more navigation-friendly website or needs to improve promotional efforts for a specific market, a consultant will formulate the best possible solutions for a specific requirement. Furthermore, most consulting firms also provide training programs for website owners to help you play an important role in the promotion of your site and products.

Efficient tracking tools for online positioning

Most marketing companies will have sophisticated tracking tools to monitor what your clients are actually searching for. Through this, you will know whether you are serving the needs of your clients or not.

Although huge profits can be derived from the web, marketing online may not always be easy. It is important to find a professional online marketing company. In Scotland, professional agencies can help you devise the best strategies for your business.

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Source by Jimmy Anderson

Good SEO Courses: Why, How, Where, When and Which?

Good SEO Courses: Why, How, Where, When and Which?

Good SEO Courses: Why, How, Where, When and Which?

Why participate in an SEO training course?

There are many reasons to consider doing optimisation courses.

We all know that the internet is a wonderful place to find or provide information. The internet revolution has changed our lives as much as the arrival of the Bronze Age or the Atomic Age.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the application of techniques designed to bring webpages to the top of search engine results pages for targeted keywords to increase visitor numbers. Search engine optimisers specialise in promoting websites for clients. Some optimisers find it academically challenging although the primary interest of most is to provide excellent professional service for financial reward.

There are more opinions on how to move webpages to the top than optimisers. Every statement that most optimisers would accept will be challenged by someone who claims to be the world’s greatest expert. For example, most would say that you are unlikely to achieve top positioning if your targeted keywords are not in the Page Title tag – that it is the top on-page factor. The occasional experienced optimiser will disagree. Evidence based research providing compelling data to confirm that an opinion has merit is difficult to find. There is not even one peer reviewed internationally recognised journal or website edited by experts with appropriate academic qualifications.

google is the most popular search engine and everyone with a website wants to be at the top for their search terms. Search engines are e-commerce companies that accumulate wealth in proportion to their popularity. It is in their individual interests to enhance their programs that position webpages in the order that best answers a search request.

There are at least 200 factors in the google positioning program (algorithm). Just to make it interesting, google changes their positioning algorithm at least once a day and brings in major changes at less frequent intervals. The Panda update introduced in 2011, involves machine leaning – it is as if the google algorithm is training itself to provide better search results. The bottom line is that google holds the key to enormous potential wealth but the combination to unlock it is as closely guarded as Fort Knox.

The majority of optimisers would accept that understanding how google works is challenging. Those in the SEO industry will have their own way of optimising webpages and websites. Fundamentally, we have on-page optimisation (page content and coding) and off-page optimisation – the acquisition of links. Links are known to be more important than on-page content in the google algorithm.

Writing articles or comments on quality websites that provide benefit to readers is desirable and entirely acceptable. Natural link acquisition is beneficial and appropriate particularly when it is undertakine with moderation. There is increasing interest in link bait to bring in those precious links. A provocative statement on a forum can be particularly effective.

There was a period when reciprocal linking and automated linking with programs that disseminate poor quality articles and blog comments seemed to be a way forward even if those who indulged in such malpractice might have difficulty explaining it to their competition. Such optimisation is frowned upon by all respectable optimisers and the search engines are less than impressed: They may impose a penalty such as removing websites from their index.

Some hold the view that a link is a link which is undeniable. Others believe that a link is only of potential value when it is indexed by google, it carries link juice from a webpage that has PageRank and / or has keywords in the anchor (linking) text. Money is money – undeniable; Monopoly money is not recognised by the high street bank.

It is easy to formulate a reproducible way to optimise websites and follow the protocol. More difficult is to realise that an ongoing improvement to the protocol is required. Some would suggest that it is all simple and that others complicate the issue. Others take the view that SEO is not that easy. One difficult part is to know how much to explain to potential clients. Make it sound complicated and you may lose the customer. Make it sound easier than it is and the client may find that your promises become unfulfilled.

There is information overload on optimisation. Books, websites, internet articles, and videos abound.

SEO courses provide opportunity to be updated. If it is held by somebody with SEO experience and an academic background or in an academic institute it is likely to be thought provoking.

A good training course will help you to maximise your website’s potential so that it will receive more targeted visitors. There are many online and off-line optimisation courses held at venues varying from schools to universities. Some are free but others attract a fee. The advantage of on-line SEO courses is that anyone can attend – there are no geographical restrictions. Courses held at venues have the advantage of interaction between tutors and the attendees.

How can I determine if those offering a course have the required genuine expertise?

Testimonials are a good place to start provided they are on the attendee’s website; anyone can write a testimonial about themselves and put it on their own website. A major part of SEO is acquiring natural links.

google says tells us that “Today we use more than 200 signals, including PageRank, to order websites, and we update these algorithms on a weekly basis.” The PageRank of a website is determined by the total value of the links to the HomePage of the website. In the author’s opinion, HomePage PageRank is the top factor in the google algorithm. If the HomePage PageRank of an optimiser is at least 3, it demonstrates ability to acquire links that are accredited by google.

Those with expertise in optimisation will have a passion for it. They will have published many articles and blog comments, some of them offering original research. They will offer training to others so that others can learn from their expertise. Beware of courses or optimisers that suggest they can show you how to get to the top on google for any keyword you choose. There are some experts who have been providing SEO training courses for many years. Bruce Clay offers acclaimed Courses internationally with venues as varied as California, Australia and India. His Courses are not cheap.

The success of a course or lecture depends not only on the speaker but the attendee. Feedback from specialist doctors to my lectures typically indicated that 60% thought I had pitched it correctly; 20% found that the information provided could have been found in books or on the internet and that the level was less than they hoped for and 20% thought I gave too much detail.

Any optimiser who claims to know how to get your website to the top for any keyword you wish is misleading you.

Where can I find a good search engine optimisation course?

By its very nature, those who provide a good training will advertise it online. As you surf the net, you will spot endless courses.

There is much to be said for courses run by recognised academies, colleges or universities. For example, in Manchester there is one with some of the local leading lights, with 10 acclaimed experts, from the region’s new media industry who have joined forces with academics in the North West of England to produce a groundbreaking new search engine optimisation (SEO) course designed to improve search and social media marketing skills.


This depends when you feel that you need to move up a gear and also the level you have reached. Of course not everyone feels the need for training.

There are courses at basic level, intermediate level and advanced level.

Which Courses?

The social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter have an effect on SEO but there is debate on their exact role. It probably varies according to different niches. There are SEO courses focused on social media. There are special interest courses – for example there is a training course available for web designers.

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Source by David Viniker

SEO Services and Social Media Marketing

SEO Services and Social Media Marketing

SEO Services and Social Media Marketing

There is no doubt in the power of Facebook,google+, Twitter and so forth. Their ability to generate traffic can be unparalleled if done right. Yet I question the impact its influence has on search engine optimisation? There is so much importance placed on it that I question why sites that are not associated with any social profiles, still manage to rank high on search engines? Keep in mind, I will only discuss this topic based on my experience, others findings and a bit of logic. After-all search engines don’t reveal how social sites can help you. If we all knew the answer, think of its implications. Is the correlation between SEO and social media a factor that should not be ignored? Let’s start with these three scenarios in mind;

1) You can get people to add, like and share content directly from your website.

2) You can get people to add you directly on your social network site or from their social networks.

3) The third option emerges from third party sites and providers selling likes and fans.

Other methods do exist but those mentioned above are the most accessible. They also make it easier to target potential customers and visitors.

The analysis of social media marketing

So far, the power in social media sites seems to be generated from the authority and popularity. That is the more likes, shares, re-tweets and so forth you have, the more important your social networking becomes. Bear in mind these must stem from on page factors. That is, social signals at page level and social signals at domain level according to seo-moz findings. Visitors must add or like your site or share content that can be directly attributed to your websites’ domain. This is logical as search engines always look to satisfy users. Therefore if you have so many users sharing your content which in effect also spreads your domain link around, then yes, you deserve recognition. If they like your content then search engines will like you. Do not get it confused, spamming likes and tweets and re-tweets have not been proven to have a positive impact or correlation yet, but the make up of these social sites make them so authoritative that if you are lucky and follow certain steps you will gain from it. Continue reading to find out how to gain from it. In the continuation of his article you will further understand most of the implications associated with social media.

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Source by Richard K Amanatey

Search Engine Marketing Service – Let the Website Profit Begin

Search Engine Marketing Service - Let the Website Profit Begin

Search Engine Marketing Service – Let the Website Profit Begin

If you are planning to start your online venture then it is necessary that you take care of some issues. You must reap the sweet fruits of your online presence and your website must be successful and popular. But it is not easy and not impossible also. You can make a successful online venture by applying search engine optimisation techniques. You can take the help of search engine marketing services for the same.

If you want to be the owner of a successful website then you must recognize the importance of SEO or search engine optimisation. You can bring quality web traffic and can get new customers for your business if you work with the right search engine marketing firm. The firm has SEO professionals who can let you know what your clients want and how your clients can know about you. Your audience must know that you are providing the product or services that he or she is searching for. You can apply the search engine marketing services techniques to meet the client needs.

In fact, lot of research is done by companies providing such services. They identify which keywords and phrases can bring quality web traffic in good numbers. They help in designing the key segments of your website and endeavour to make it to turn up with various search engines and directories. A search engine marketing services firm also help in improving the value of any website and it also increases number of linking websites. These things improve your score from the search engine point of view. Generally users find search engine optimised website more interesting because the navigation structure is also enhanced to make the pages look more attractive.

You can opt for a search engine marketing services firm also if you want them to conduct research and analysis from your competitor’s point of view. On the whole by SEO you are providing mobility and visitors to your website. After all without visitors, a website is a dead stuff sitting in the World Wide Web doing nothing.

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Source by Aisha Danna

Discover Why SEO Should Be Used Alongside Social Media optimisation

Discover Why SEO Should Be Used Alongside Social Media Optimization

Discover Why SEO Should Be Used Alongside Social Media optimisation

We have all heard of SEO – search engine optimisation and this is a concept that is now readily used by business owners and sales people as a way to drive sales and reach target audiences. However, how many people out there know and understand SMO – social media optimisation? This is a fairly new concept brought about by the increasing of social networking sites such as MySpace, Twitter and Facebook and for those that have already started using these sites as a form of marketing have already reaped the great benefits that it can provide when used properly.

For small business, both SMO and SEO play key roles in boosting profits and successes simply because they are free services or ones that cost very little but still manage to be a promotional strategy that meets far more people than other forms of promotion. The internet is now readily used by practically everyone on the planet which means that no matter what time, day or night, there will be someone looking for the one thing that you can provide them. SEO and social media optimisation as forms of internet marketing use the great benefits that the internet has to offer both customers and sales people, helping create branches that lead the two together to boost traffic and potentially profits.

There are three main reasons why you should be using social media optimisation methods as a form of internet marketing for your small business:

1. It doesn’t matter what your company provides or sells, there is an audience out there that will benefit from it. This is the greatest benefit to social media optimisation – a much broader audience that what you would normally expect from other forms of promotion.

2. Search engine optimisation and social media optimisation are two forms of internet marketing which costs very little and in some cases, nothing at all. This means that you get the greatest of benefits and rewards for the least money spent and explains why these forms of internet marketing are fast becoming very popular.

3. The growth of the internet as well as social media sites means that there is practically no end to what you can achieve. There are always new people signing up to these social networking sites on a daily basis which means that your target audience can only continue to grow. This means that you will never run out of customers or clients to attract and the more that you continue this internet marketing strategy, the faster your small business will grow.

There are so many benefits to be had from search engine optimisation and social media optimisation as forms of internet marketing that to list them all, we could be here for almost a lifetime. People use the internet for everything these days so it would make sense that small business can use it too for their own advantages.

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Source by Jafet Hana

Tips for Improving Your Business’ Google Ranking

Tips for Improving Your Business' Google Ranking

Tips for Improving Your Business’ google Ranking

SEO services for Mornington Peninsula businesses can make a large difference in the traffic your website sees throughout the day, so you may want to consider optimisation if you’re looking to increase traffic and visibility. Before getting into how you can improve your visibility google ranking, let’s discuss what SEO is and why you should care about it.

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is the way traffic to websites is improved for search engines. SEO determines where your website ranks when users search for products or services related to your business. Higher rankings mean more traffic and visibility while lower rankings mean less traffic.

If you’re still not quite sure what SEO is or how to work with it, you can always get in contact with experts that have extensive training and knowledge of search engine optimisation – you may even get a free SEO analysis performed that can let you know what is working in your favour and what is not. Now, let’s get into how you can enhance your SEO and improve your company’s google Ranking.


Keywords and their placement are one of the most important aspects of search engine optimisation. When using keywords, put yourself in the mind of someone searching for the product or services you are offering. The keywords used should be highly relevant to your business, but try not to go overboard and include a ridiculous amount of keywords hoping to increase traffic. In fact, unrelated or haphazardly used keywords can result in being flagged.

Page Title

The title tag of your website is displayed in search results and also appears at the top of web browsers, letting users know exactly what they can expect on the web page. Only a certain number of characters is displayed, so descriptions need to be short, relevant, and engaging. If you’re planning on using keywords or highlighting a certain topic, these should be displayed in the title tag or page title itself.

Mobile Site

Mobile devices are a part of life in this modern world, so making sure customers can access your site on their smartphones and tablets is one of the key ways to improve your SEO ranking. Almost half of all organic traffic comes from mobile devices, and google factors user experience into rankings, so optimisation of websites for mobile interfaces leads to a higher rank in google searches.

Avoid Flash

Many businesses use Flash to run their websites due to the ease of launching the site and the cost-effectiveness of the program. Flash, however, does not get along well with google and sites using Flash tend to be ranked lower. The reason for this is because with websites ran using Flash, individual pages cannot be linked. Simply changing the platform of your website could significantly increase visibility and improve SEO.

These are just a few of the techniques you can use to improve your web traffic and enhance the SEO of your site. If you’re in need of a complete website overhaul, contact professionals that can perform a google.com/website?sl=ar&tl=en&hl=en&u=https://www.socialpanda.com.au/free-SEO-review/”>free SEO analysis and know exactly how to get the job done right the first time. Otherwise, you may end up missing out on tons of inbound traffic and opportunities for conversion and organic growth.

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google-Ranking&id=10276453″>Source by Edmund Brunetti

SEO or PPC: Which Is the Best Strategy for Your Business?

SEO or PPC: Which Is the Best Strategy for Your Business?

SEO or PPC: Which Is the Best Strategy for Your Business?

With the advent of the internet, more and more people are using search engines like google to look for the products and services they need. Search engines have become an essential medium that influences the purchasing decision of the buyer. The chances of people finding your website through search engines are much better than landing there directly. Therefore, a strong presence in search engine results become crucial for the businesses.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) and Pay per Click (PPC) are the two most important marketing strategies meant to drive the visitor to the website.

SEO is a combination of various strategies and techniques used to boost the number of visitors on a website by improving its ranking in the organic results of a search. A higher ranking in the search engines implies a higher number of visitors, higher conversion rates and higher revenue thereby. SEO includes techniques like keyword research, SEO auditing, on-site optimisation, off-site optimisation, competition analysis and evaluation of the results.

PPC is one the most popular form of search engine advertising. google allows the advertisers to display their ads in the sponsored results section. The advertiser pays a fixed amount to the search engine when their ads are clicked. The click directs the visitor to the advertiser’s website. So instead of earning the search visits organically, a business in a way purchases the visits to his site.

Both the methods aim to convince the users to visit and increase the traffic to your website.

Both the approaches have their merits and demerits, and before deciding on the better strategy for your business, you should consider following points:

  1. The amount you want to spend on marketing should be taken into account. If you are working on a tight budget, then PPCs might not be a feasible option and add to your expenses. PPC allows benefits like:
    • The primary objective of any website is to drive traffic and increase conversion rates (CRs). And variables of the website have to be tested to work out on weaker points and improve CRs. PPCs can be used to buy the required traffic and reach the result quickly.
    • Search engine’s algorithm changes every now and then. Sites optimized for one type of algorithm suffer when the algorithm changes and the new update is instantly required. But while paying for each click, you are immune to the changes in the algorithm.
  2. Cost per click(CPC) is different for different keywords and phrases. Use ‘Traffic Estimator’ tool to find out the average cost for any keyword/phrase. Ensure the average cost of your specific keyword is not too high.
  3. Analyze how strong the competition in your target market is? Make use of ‘google External keyword research tool’ to estimate the competition level in your industry.

You may find that the authority websites mostly command your specific keywords. Displacing such sites to make a place for your website in the market is a quite complicated job. Instead, it makes more sense to use PPC services in this case.

It isn’t necessary that only one of the two strategies has to be used. Both of them can be used in combination to have a powerful impact.

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Source by Vineet Kumar Singh

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

An effective Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign relies equally upon keyword usage along with advert placement that is relevant to your website. And, many experts believe that PPC advertising has revolutionized online marketing. It is said that this type of advertising allows even the smallest business on the Internet to compete against the big businesses. When PPC advertising is conducted properly, it can help a website stand out from all the others in its niche market. There is something you need to consider when thinking about starting a PPC advertising campaign including the following three questions:

• What is it that your website has to offer?
• What is the reason customers will click on your advert?
• What are the 10 words that will attract them to visit your site?

You’re going to need an effective title plus choose those 10 words that will succinctly describe to your potential customers everything they need to know about your business in order to click on through. Use of PPC does place you in extremely close proximity to your customers when it comes to both search engine results as well as acquiring sponsored positions.

Obtaining the best results, and ultimately the most traffic and better conversion ratios, can be accomplished through a combination of SEO and PPC advertising employed at the same time. There are many books that help cover these two areas, David Vinney being an expert in both as he has worked in the industry for over 10 years and is very well respected across the online community.

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Source by Chris John Anthony Needham

Excellent Search Engine optimisation Tips For 2012

Excellent Search Engine Optimization Tips For 2012

Excellent Search Engine optimisation Tips For 2012

1. Use a domain name which epitomizes the keyword that you want to rank highly for, but avoid looking spammy. The best domain names are short, contain your most relevant keywords,are memorable, and easy to spell. Bing, especially places a lot of emphasis on sites that have keywords in the domain name.

2. Invest in quality, unique content. Too many affiliates try to optimize a website that uses poor quality content pasted directly from a private label article, an offer landing page, etc. Unique content is a quality signal, and well-written content is much more likely to spontaneously generate links…which means it’s much easier to optimize a website with good content.

3.Create new relevant content to your site on a regular basis (preferably daily). Adding fresh content to your blog site on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis will greatly increase the size and scope of your website site over time, ensure that search engine bots return to your site on a regular basis, and build an audience.

4. Forget about cheap automated linkbuilding tools.To get your website ranking higher in the search engine results page (serp) quicker and for longer, then you need to create good quality backlinks. Quality far out-weighs quantity any day and although initially it will take time to create these high quality backlinks, but you’re website will benefit more for it in the long run.

5. Follow these standard on-site optimisation guidelines:

Make sure the HTML title tag of each page uses 2 or 3 keywords, is no more than 65 characters in length, and doesn’t contain stop words – “and, of, is,” etc.

Use HTML header tags (H1, H2, H3), short paragraphs, and lists (UL or OL) to make your written content easy for readers to scan, and be sure to use keywords in these elements (just don’t stuff keywords where they don’t belong).

On the main content of your page, links are the most powerful links on a page – footer and sidebar links have fairly low value. Therefore, some of your most powerful on-site links are from in-text links in your website’s articles or blogs.

Use keywords in every page’s file name or URL, every image file name, etc.

When you add an image to a page, be sure to use an alt tag that contains appropriate keyword(s) relevant to the surrounding content.

Link images to pages – the “anchor text” of an image link is the text you place in the alt tag.

Don’t place important content in IFRAMEs, JavaScript tags, or as text inside an image.

Don’t use JavaScript or CSS tricks to try and “hide” text from the user for the purposes of fooling the search engines – this is a great way to get your site penalized by google or Bing. This does not include hiding an occasional H2 or H3 tag being hidden.

-When you name files, avoid using underscores, capital letters or spaces – these characters can lead to broken links and/or crawling issues. Instead, use a dash to separate keywords in file names (just-like-this.html).

6. Promote your website,as if you’re trying to brand yourself.Create profiles on social networking sites and befriend other people who are also interested in your own niche and take the time to keep your profiles active.Participate in forums that are related to your niche, offering good impartial advice. Invest some time to create videos and upload them to your own video sharing website channels. Although YouTube is the largest and most popular, there are plenty of other video sharing websites on the internet which will help boost your branding campaign.Pay for a quality press release submission service instead of using some spam-ridden free service. These tasks are time consuming and somewhat costly,but that’s why they work.

7. Focus your SEO efforts on creating great content, and then promote that content one link at a time. Use some creativity to come up with a guide, resource, online tool, etc., that your niche might find really useful. Then, once that piece of content is created, focus on promoting that content by contacting bloggers, other site owners, etc., and asking them to review your content. If the quality is high and the content is useful, it WILL get you links.

8. Site speed matters. Increasing site speed is a great way to boost search engine traffic to an existing site. Most sites can experience dramatic speed improvements by utilizing browser caching, gzip compression, file entity and expires tags. There are also some inexpensive content delivery network (CDN) options available from Amazon and Rackspace that can dramatically reduce site load time…especially if you rely upon cheap shared hosting for your website.

Finally, when you think about SEO, think about the tortoise and the hare! Whilst quick tricks may seem like the easiest option to get the search engine results you want, the reality is that slow and steady efforts will win the race. If you want your website to rank first overall for your niche term, you’ve got to come up with a site that’s better than all the rest. Quality counts.

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Source by Baz A Jenkins

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