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Search Engine optimisation – A Topic Scary Enough To Keep You Awake At Night

Search Engine Optimization - A Topic Scary Enough To Keep You Awake At Night

Search Engine optimisation – A Topic Scary Enough To Keep You Awake At Night

Search engines help millions of click happy surfers navigate the hundreds of millions of websites awaiting their perusal. A top of the list ranking on a search engine is a most coveted prize. How does a website get to be number one? Anyone who has a guaranteed answer to that question would be a billionaire before google completed a search of his name. Many search engine optimisation marketers claim to have the guaranteed answer, but a guarantee could be a cue for the buyer to beware.

Instant Link Popularity

Did you think the popularity contest ended in High School? Well, in the world of the internet you couldn’t be more wrong. Link popularity is even more important in internet marketing than it was in being elected Homecoming Queen. Search engines like google.com use link popularity to decide how high a webpage ranks in its indexes. The more popular a link is, the higher the webpage is listed in search results. A SEO marketer who guarantees instant link popularity are more than likely using link farms. This is a very spammy way to trick and manipulate search engine results. Search engine algorithms are smart and will detect the link farms, and your site will drop in the rankings, and might even be banned. While it does take more time, good content and links to other websites with relating subject matter is a much better way to create lasting link popularity.

Guaranteed Search Engine Positions

No one can guarantee search engine results. The best that even the most credible SEO marketers can do is point to their past success, but this is not a guarantee as to what may happen with your webpage. Only the search engine itself decides how a page rests in the ranking indexes. Look for yourself, most search engines have a disclaimer on their sites to that effect. Reputable SEO marketers may know what can be done that will most likely generate a good index placement, but they cannot guarantee it unless you pay the search engine for top placement advertising.

You Don’t Have to Change Your Web Site

The internet is a constant state of flux. Published websites evolve, change or cease to exist all while new websites pop up like daisies. Internet marketers know content is king so information must be unique and changes often to catch and hold the attention of the internet surfing millions. Trying to forecast what will be popular tomorrow is like trying to predict what a teenager is thinking. The only way to ensure maintenance of a high index rating is keep generating quality content and high traffic flowing to your site. If the site never changes, visits to your site will slow and your ranking may slip. Keep it current, pertinent and interesting or you will never hold the notoriously short attention of the web surfing public.

Do your homework, read the fine print and you won’t fall prey to SEO promises that may be more myth than fact.

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