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9 Reasons Why Business Owners Should Go for PHP Web Development Services

9 Reasons Why Business Owners Should Go for PHP Web Development Services

9 Reasons Why Business Owners Should Go for PHP Web Development Services

Business – small or large – now flourishes online. This has called for website development that can offer a dynamic interface. To stay on the top in search engine ranks, websites have to change their content (graphics, videos, text and more) frequently. From static to dynamic, websites have now come of age, thanks to PHP web development services offered by PHP developers and programmers.

PHP first appeared in 1995 and since then, it has garnered tremendous popularity. Probably the fact that Harvard University and Facebook have been developed on PHP has shot up its popularity and credibility. A PHP development company prefers this server-side scripting language because websites can be maintained easily.

Let us now check why business owners should opt for PHP web development services for their websites.

1. It is FREE!

This is the biggest advantage for any business. PHP is an open source. All you need to do is hire web developers, who possess extraordinary skill in languages like C and Java. They can do wonders for your website and consequently, your business.

2. Better Returns

Any businessman would expect high returns on investment. In a highly competitive business environment, you need to capture the attention of visitors; once they regularly visit your websites, you need to convert them from visitors to customers. Since PHP offers dynamic website creation, you get more visitors on your website. This means high returns on your investment.

3. Huge Supply

There is a striking balance between demand and supply of PHP web developers. PHP web development is in great demand so is the supply of PHP developers. If you want to hire web developers, who are expert in PHP, you can easily hire them from a large community. Similarly, for PHP developers, there is huge opportunity to get hired or work as a freelancer.

4. Quick Development

A website developed on PHP doesn’t prove a burden on the server. Since PHP uses its own memory space, it reduces the loading time. It processes everything fast and therefore, web applications like e-commerce, CRM, CMS, and forums are developed on PHP.

5. Measurable Results

You can easily measure results of your marketing campaigns with multiple extensions offered by PHP. Your PHP developer can show you results, which are measurable. You can easily calculate your ROI, which gives you an edge over your competitors.

6. Support

If you have a basic knowledge of PHP, you can easily enhance your knowledge with the help of guidelines and references available online. Have a chat with support groups, ask questions on forums and contact PHP support teams on the Internet. Moreover, you have full access to the online library to gain more knowledge on PHP web development services. And remember, this support is available in different languages.

7. Security

The online world has one major drawback: virus and malware. PHP gives you multiple layers of security for your website so you can easily protect your website against malicious attacks and virus threats.

8. Tried, Tested, and Trusted

As mentioned earlier, PHP has been used since 1995 and thousands of websites have been developed on this platform. And the biggest testimony can come from Mark Zuckerberg. You can blindly trust this platform if you are hiring any PHP Development Company.

9. Supports All Major Web Browsers

There can be millions of users browsing your website, and they may be using different web browsers. PHP supports all major web browsers like Windows, MacOS, Linux or UNIX.

The above-mentioned reasons are enough to convince any businessman that s/he go for PHP web development services for his/her new or established business.

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Source by Bhumi Vyas

Things to Consider While Hiring A PHP Developer for Your Project

Things to Consider While Hiring A PHP Developer for Your Project

Things to Consider While Hiring A PHP developer for Your Project

You have a business idea that you want to convert into a web solution. The business model is in front of you, but you need someone who can help you to develop it technically and make it live online. PHP is an inevitable programming language that is used to develop high quality websites for business as well as for other purposes. Its immense flexibility and advanced features have made it gain much popularity among the developers. Today, it is the backbone of eCommerce websites and is also used by diversified sectors. So, if you are looking for experienced PHP developers, then make sure that you choose some expert PHP developer who can easily transform your dream to reality.

Here are some tips that can help you to select the best PHP development company for your project:

The internet: The internet is a good source to hire a PHP company or a dedicated developer, but it is very important to determine your hiring criteria and follow the set of requirements while trying to find the perfect developer for you. Since a single search on the net will show huge results, it is good to judge their skills and knowledge thoroughly.

Latest references and portfolio: Make sure that the projects the PHP developers handled the previous year are by any means connected to your latest project for which you are hiring the developer. PHP developers can be categorizes as beginners, mid-level and advanced level. Depending on the complexity of your project you should choose the experience level of your development team.

Certifications: Try to hire a certified PHP develop for your project, but this doesn’t mean that they are perfect for your job. Ensure that the person you are hiring is qualified and tested in that specific area and can handle the work without any hassles.

Testing skills: Another most important thing to consider is that it is not always possible for small or medium size business owners to hire a testing team for quality assurance. In such cases, your PHP development company who will build the code should be able to do the user testing and the unit testing of the application. Doing this will drastically reduce the overall cost of development and offer a fully functional application within the budget.

Deal with changing requirements: This is the most essential point of any project and it is true that the requirements may change as the application is developed. In such cases the developer should understand the changes clearly and formulate a strategy for delivering the best solution within the time frame.

Communication ability: Another most important point that you should consider is communication, which is crucial for any successful project. The developer should be well conversant with various communications methods like web phone, email messages, audio or video. A good communication between the client and the developer can help them to discuss the project details and any changes needed to develop the project successfully.

Thus, to conclude we can say that following the above discussed points while hiring a professional PHP developer or a company is the key to a successful project development.

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How To Hire PHP Developer For Your Website

How To Hire PHP Developer For Your Website

How To Hire PHP developer For Your Website

PHP is regarded as most preferred language for web development in today’s world. It is basically a server side scripting language that is used for creating dynamic as well as interactive web pages all throughout the world. Presently, there are somewhat around 3 million websites that are coded using PHP and the number is still counting. This indeed showcases the popularity of PHP over other web development languages in developing a website.

This popularity has ensured many a professionals to take up PHP programming as their vocation. So, if you wish that your website projects the much interesting features that are ensured by PHP, you must hire PHP developer. These coders will surely come handy in developing web 2.0 websites with the help of Ajax. PHP also entertains content management system by covering Drupal, Joomla, wordpress, etc. This language can also be used in developing e-commerce websites through OsCommerce, Magento, Zencart, etc. Apart from these, one can also use MySQL to develop big portals for MNC companies.

So, no matter to whatever aspect of life your website will be associated to, PHP coding has a solution for each and every of them. Since, PHP is open source software that is available without any restrictions; you can easily modify the source codes to suit your business requirements. And to reap all the benefits that is ensured by PHP all you need to do is to employ the services of a PHP developer. It is this person who is well versed in the technicalities of the subject to offer you the best of solutions. Therefore, to hire wordpress designer, you can look out for the professionals who simply work on PHP coding.

Now, you need to employ a professional PHP programmer can be met in two different ways. One is by inception a professional PHP coder into your business, and the other way is by outsourcing your PHP related work to some offshore web development company. Now, as because the former one requires you to follow a strict employment rules and regulations, apart from being a costly affair, more and more business houses are following the latter one. If you can hire PHP developer from offshore companies, much of your problems are solved. As these web development companies have formidable exposure in developing websites of international standards, you can rest assured that they will make your website to look perfect.

However, you are advised not to blindly follow any recommendations made by any offshore web development company. Rather, it will be very much beneficial for you to take an interview of a PHP programmer before you hire his or her service. The same is applicable while you are going to hire wordpress designer. You must go through their credentials pretty well and also pay a heed to the works that they claim to be done by them. It is also termed to be a good idea to communicate with the clients before you go on employing one particular web development company.

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