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Create A Professional Functional Site Using The Best Web Designer

Create A Professional Functional Site Using The Best Web Designer

Create A Professional Functional Site Using The Best Web Designer

If what you run is a serious business and you have intentions of growing it, then you need to pay close attention to your website. The website is the link between you and your potential customers and how you have packaged it will highly determine how serious your business is taken and how professional you appear. With more customers now using the internet to find what they are in need of, you should have a website that helps them get exactly what they want and one that is good enough to gain their trust.

A professional web designer can help you put a professional site together. But with so many web designers now offering the design services and so much more, it can be a daunting task to find the best one bound to do justice to your business website. You can however make the selection process easier by taking a few helpful tips so you end up with the best designer.

Check out previously designed websites

One of the best ways to tell how capable your web designer is would be by looking at other sites that they have created. Look out for unique styles and elements that make his work stand out and then match them to what you want for your brand. Do not hire if you are not happy with what you see.

Communicate your needs

Do not let your designer make all the decision just because he is a professional. It is your brand and only you understand it best hence you should always make a point of making clear your expectations. If your designer is honest enough, he will not hesitate to tell you what he is capable of achieving and what would be a challenge. A designer who is eager to know your company goals is always a reliable one so get to know each other a little just to be sure.

Avoid designers promising overnight ranking on search engines

The main aim of your web designer should be to code your site properly to make it suitable for SEO. Hiring one simply because they have promised to get on the front pages of a popular search engine is suicidal. If anything, remember that organic search engine traffic needs to be grown using content that is useful and relevant; it takes time and dedication so do not be afraid to take the long way that offers better long term results for your brand.

Get recommendations and references from web savvy

If you want to end up with the best designer, it is best to work with someone who has a good reputation, especially among friends of colleagues who know their way around the web. It saves you from having to use a designer whom you only hope will deliver. You can also contact previous clients to find out their thoughts about work delivered to them by the designer. Sometimes it is better to be sure than to take chances.

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Source by Satvik Mittal

Do’s and Don’ts For People Traveling to Pakistan

Do's and Don'ts For People Traveling to Pakistan

Do’s and Don’ts For People Traveling to Pakistan

Lately, Pakistan has been on the news most of the times for all the wrong reasons. It’s a pity that the tourism is not promoted and a big majority of the tourists around the world know nothing about the splendid scenic beauty of this part of the world. Places like Murree, Hunza Valley, Gilgit, Skardu, Kaghan, Naran, Mansehra are a treat to watch. Not to forget the spectacular mountain peaks like K2, Nanga Parbat and Khapalu Biafo Glacier. Apart from the tourism, Pakistan keeps getting all sorts of visitors, from entrepreneurs to professionals, from students to diplomats.

When traveling in Pakistan, you need to follow the general guidelines set for other countries. Contrary to the popular belief, there’s no specific threat (at least the threats are not that alarming and the situation will soon get better hopefully). Many countries issue travel warnings to their citizens; you can check with the concerned department, if there’s no warning, there’s really nothing to worry about. Before traveling get proper details of your local embassies to get the assistance if you need any. People are extremely welcoming; you should familiarize yourself with the local conditions and security situation. Always carry a valid passport and visa with you. There’s no need to carry excessive amount or credit cards (the place is not expensive at all for foreigners and you may not need to spend that much in most cases). Also, to avoid any unwanted situation, dress in a more local manner; however that doesn’t mean that you need to camouflage or must look like a local.

Avoid high risk areas, you can ask for your hosts or local embassies to get the list of these areas or places. It’s good to inquire before taking photos in sensitive areas or government offices. Talking about the food, you should try to drink mineral water always, which is easily available at almost all of general stores, it’s not that you don’t get clean water in the cities, but usually foreigners (especially children) go through some digestion problems in the start, mineral water is supposed to be relatively easier to your stomachs. Similarly, eat out at proper restaurants, even when you are lured by some small shop at roadside, because the hygienic conditions are not good enough at those food-carts or shops around the corner. In most cases, you can converse around in English; however learning some routine words in local language (which happens to be Urdu) is not a bad idea.

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Source by Anita Stafford

Marketing Jobs in Nottingham

Marketing Jobs in Nottingham

Marketing Jobs in Nottingham

Nottingham’s location in the midlands has helped its establishment as a key centre of industry over the past hundred years. Recently, however, the city has embarked on a journey of transformation – finding considerable success in the service sector as tourism continues to thrive. Consequently, those considering searching for marketing jobs in Nottingham, even at this difficult time, are in a prime position to benefit from a city with a firm historical past and a bright future as a tourist and business destination.

Despite the move towards services and tertiary business in the city, Industry is still a significant employer for those with interest in a career in marketing. Engineering conglomerate, Siemens, who specialize in communications and transportation, have a UK base which contributes to its worldwide workforce of over 480,000 people. Similarly, swimwear manufacturer: Speedo, also have a factory in the city – and with the popularity of lycra since the 70s have remained the market leader in the production of swimming briefs.

Over the last decade or so, many creative industries have begun to flourish in Nottingham. Many graphics, textiles, and digital design companies have become established. Branding and graphic design company, Purple Circle, are one such success story. After being established in 1991, they have grown to become the best choice for branding and design solutions for the big and small companies of the city, including: Boots, Nottingham City Council, Speedo, and The Treehouse Company.

The two shopping centres (Victoria Centre and Westfield Broadmarsh) at the heart of Nottingham, are increasingly becoming attractive to more and more visitors from in and outside of the city. The former is home to 116 shops including the flagship store for Boots and a large indoor market. Westfield is home to 86 shops as well as market-stalls, and is set to undergo a huge £700 million regeneration.

Of course there are many other reasons the city is popular with tourists. The legend of Robin Hood and its rich history make Nottingham a great destination for all the family. Although Nottingham Castle is referenced in Robin Hood, today the site is home to Ducal Mansion built in the 1600s and doubles as a museum and exhibition space. The City of Caves is another attraction in Nottingham, and has been dated back to as far as 1270. Today visitors can explore the underground network by entrance at Broadmarsh.

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Source by Sarah Maple

Search Engine Optimisation – The Basics and What SEO Is

Search Engine Optimisation - The Basics and What SEO Is

Search Engine Optimisation – The Basics and What SEO Is

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

So quite a few people have been talking about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO for short) but not many people will understand it or what it does and why it is important. Basically SEO is a common technique used main in web design to improve a websites SERP (search engine results page) for extra traffic. As you can imagine improving the position of your website on major search engines can have a huge effect on your business or website. If your business or website was at the top of a major search engine I.e. google, Bing and Yahoo, when people search for something the odds are they would click your website. It is said that at least 50% of all people who search for something always click the top result as it is at the top and perceived as the best. So how do people get to be at search engine and with people searching so many different things what should you be at the top for?

How do you decide the right search term?

The most important thing before trying to get to the top of a search engine is the search term you want to be at the top for. If you are a web design company then trying to get to the top of a search engine for the search term sport or cars would be ridiculous. I know that is a bit obvious when you think about it sport is searched 4,090,000 time per month, cars is searched 1,220,000 per month and web design is searched 301,000 per month. They may be searched more often than web design but it isn’t relevant and you would be misleading people who search for the search term sport or cars and the odds are they wont want web design and wont go back to your website again. So if you are a web design company would web design be the best search term to aim for? Yes and no. Yes because that is the highest search term for web design but no because there is a lot of competition. If a web design company was at the top of a search engine for web design then they would get a lot of customers and I am sure they would know a lot about search engine optimisation as well as being around the scene for a long time. When you search web design roughly 500,000,000 results come up. The odds you are going to even get on the first page of a search engine for web design is highly unlikely so we need to narrow down your main keyword search term.

How do you narrow down a search term to benefit you?

When narrowing down a search term there are a lot of things to think about. Do you want to target a specific area? Do you want to attract customers with a budget or with unlimited money to spend? To narrow down your search term, plan what you want to get out of it and focus on a specific audience. if you are a web design company based in Nottingham and you want to be the best in that area then Web Design Nottingham would be a perfect keyword. The reason why is because people looking for web design in the Nottingham area are more likely web design Nottingham. Even though Web Design In Nottingham sounds better only 73 people search for this per month where as Web Design Nottingham is searched 2,400 times per month. 2,400 is a big drop from 301,000 but the competition has dropped from 500,000,000 to 534,000. The competition ratio for web design 1:1661 search’s per result where as web design Nottingham has a competition ratio of 1:225 searches per result. Not only is the competition a lot better but the people who would search this are a lot more likely to want a web design service than to study it or learn about it. There are many more ways of narrowing your search term down for example you sell cars as we know a huge search term but if you only sell a specific car second hand I.e. Ford Focus Second Hand then making Ford Focus Second Hand your main search term means you are targeting 1,900 people per month looking for that product.

Decided on a search term so now how do you get to the top?

This is the quite possibly the hardest part of search engine optimisation and is also the most time consuming. You have decided what your search term or search terms are now you need to get to the top of a search engine for that term. There are hundreds of factors to consider when performing search engine optimisation but I shall only cover the basic’s, if you are wanting to get proper results then I would recommend going to a professional SEO company or a web design company what perform search engine optimisation. I will only go over 5 important factors which anyone is capable of performing.

Factor 1 – Fresh Content

Search engines love new, original and fresh content. Don’t duplicate other peoples work or try to copy what they have done, come up with your own ideas and write your own content and you will go a long way. Remember to include your search terms (known as keywords and this will be explained more in the next factor) so a search engine can recognise what your content is all about and then decided to pull it up when someone search’s it. It is better to spend hours on one page than spend 5 minutes copy and pasting someone else’s hard work. Duplicate content is where you copy someone’s content and pass it off as your own. Search engines index all pages on the internet that they come across and if they find you have copied someone’s content they will mark your website down and it will struggle to get onto the first page. If you regularly update your content a search engine will discover this and it shall only work in your favour (as long as its relevant) and improve your position.

Factor 2 – Keyword Density

Keyword density is another important factor to ranking high on a search engine. A keyword is a search term so to keep the same theme as earlier the search term I spoke about was web design Nottingham therefore web design Nottingham would be my main keyword. The density of a keyword is the percentage of many times the keywords appear in comparison to others. Adding up all the words in view (and meta data factor 3) and finding the percentage of your keywords can be a very time-consuming act and nearly impossible to get accurate. How ever there are many tools out there that will do this for you and the majority of them are free so quickly flicking through the internet should help you find the tools you need.

There is no set density in which your keyword should appear for a search engine to pick up on but there are guidelines. Some people think between 2-4% is the right amount where as other think 4-6% is the best. This is all a matter of opinion and all what matters is that your keywords stand out to both search engines and readers. Do not spam your content with keywords as a search engine will mark you down for this and should you reach the top of a search engine people will not be able to understand it but don’t be funny about placing them, you can’t be to careful otherwise a search engine may not pick up on what you want your search term to be. I always like to make sure I mention my keyword at the begging just because of my personal beliefs of what a search engine’s algorithm is but the more content you write and the more skilled you become at search engine optimisation, you too will have your opinions on what works better than others.

Factor 3 – Meta Data

Things start to become a bit more complex no but anyone who has gotten to this point of the article is more than capable of understanding it. Meta data is the title, description and keywords a reader wont see but a search engine will. Some web design software’s come with add ons to make it easy to input meta data but if not and you are experienced with HTML then you can still input this in yourself. The meta title is basically a title of the webpage you are writing. This should be no more than 60 letters and it doesn’t have to make sense. For example the home page of a web design companies meta title might read “Web Design Nottingham – Web Design | Web Designers” or something along that effect. It isn’t quite understandable or a sentence but a search engine would see this and understand they are words of importance and what the content is about.

After the Meta Title there is the Meta Description which is longer and should be more understandable to readers as some search engines display this when a result comes back to the searcher. This should be no more than 160 words and should include your keywords again. It may read “We are the number 1 web design company in Nottingham. We offer the best web design around and……” so on. The final piece of Meta Data is the Meta Keywords. This is where you should place all keywords you wish to be indexed for by a search engine and it should read like a list with a comma separating all keywords. Again for a web design company it may look like “web design, web designers, web design Nottingham….” and so on. There is no set mount of how many you can add but I don’t advice spamming it by adding excessive keywords and only enter each keyword once.

Factor 4 – Back Links

A back link is an internal link from one web page to another both on your domain. The reason for this is when a search engine lands on one off your web pages it will scan and index that web page. It cannot scan and index another webpage on your domain if there is not link from that page. For example (all links use a semi colon and not a full colon to prevent actual link’s) “http;//www.madeupwebsite.co.uk/page1” has a link on it to “http;//www.madeupwebsite.co.uk/page2” therefore a search engine can scan and index “http;//www.madeupwebsite.co.uk/page1” an notice the link. It will then follow the link to “http;//www.madeupwebsite.co.uk/page2” and index that as well. This is important because if only one of your web pages is indexed, the rest of your pages wont appear when someone searches and you will be relying on people finding your website and flicking through all your pages for your website to get noticed. Another thing to think about as well is how are you going to link from page to page? This can all be done with a site map but you can have some on page links which will improve your SERP by linking keywords to pages that have been optimised for that keyword. Say a web page has been optimised for web design, the keyword density and meta data includes web design then why not link the word web design from one page to the web design page?

Factor 5 – Anchor Text And External linking

Anchor text is the words that are linked to a link. Sounds a bit confusing but instead of a a link reading “please feel free to click this link for web design “http;//www.madeupwebsite.co.uk” you could always place the link so it read “please feel free to click this link for web design” linking the word web design to “http;//www.madeupwebsite.co.uk”. Again with web design software and add on’s this is made easy but if its in HTML you would use “< href=” website “>keyword” and this would link your keyword to a website.

The reason for doing this is that you are telling a search engine what the link is. If the anchor text is web design and the content on the web page you are linking to is optimised for web design the a search engine will rank you higher and index it for the search term web design. This doesn’t get you to the top of a search engine straight away and one link wont do that but to show the power of links just search click here. If you search click here it takes you to an Adobe Reader download page. The reason for this is loads of people link the word click here to that web page as it is a useful tool that people may need to view certain things.

It doesn’t stop there

When it comes to search engine optimisation there are hundreds of other ranking factors that I have not mentioned. You can go off and study more SEO techniques but this could take years to understand and as the internet is ever growing and expanding I would suggest you leave SEO to the experts as if you don’t fully understand search engine optimisation you may make things worse for your website. However should you wish to study it more in depth there are loads of websites out there and plenty of other articles and resources you can read but SEO techniques aren’t written in stone and other people will have different opinions.

The best way to learn search engine optimisation techniques would be to test them out and see what work for you but it can be a long process and it does take time. Don’t ever go with a company that promise a page 1 rank on all search engines within days as this is not possible. If a company do claim this then they are more than likely on about an ad words campaign which is completely different to organic search engine optimisation and doesn’t offer the same results as well as being expensive.

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Source by Ashley Lloyd

8 Secret Tips To Optimize Your Content For SEO

8 Secret Tips To Optimize Your Content For SEO

This article is especially for my readers who want to learn everything about SEO. Here I will share with you all the extensive and the advanced SEO techniques you need to know to be successful. I present to you the most advanced SEO strategies that exist. These are the proven methods to increase the rank of your website. With these proven strategies you can speed up the site performance, and get more targeted traffic. Here are eight secret tips to better optimize your content for search engine optimisation.

Accessibility And Indexation

Do you know what matters the most for SEO? The content! But is that it? The answer is NO! You might have a website full of amazing, creative and unique content, but if the search engines like google do not index the site, the search engines can’t crawl the site properly; the unique and attractive content and a beautiful website will not matter at all.

Performance And Website Speed

You may know that site speed is not a large factor in listing the website at the top. It affects the ranking by 1%, but that 1% is often neglected. google may not give it that much importance, but think of it like this, if your website is quick, easy to load, responsive, then the visitors will be happy visiting it again, any authentic SEO expert services provider will tell you that. Make sure that you understand efficiency makes the user experience better. Once the users get a quick response, they have a better control of the experience.

Now that the search engines index your website let us go further to the next level. The second allows you to analyze & control the performance of your site and also the speed.

Advanced Search

Today SEO is not just about the back links or tags. SEO has evolved over time. The search engines will not rank your website if it is not relevant. Once you understand this part; you will get ahead of others.

SEO Expert Services Prefer wordpress

wordpress is an excelled source. We say source because it is. You will find that almost every blog is created in wordpress. It is an excellent CMS with dozens of capabilities which are SEO oriented. Most of the people know the basics of wordpress, so we will skip those and take things one step ahead.

Advanced Research For Data

When you are running an SEO campaign, it’s like being a detective. It is fun, and it is challenging. To ensure the best you need to get the data or let’s say, pull the data from different sources available on the web. There are many ways in which you can dig the data from various sites.

Research For Keywords

Keyword research is a big thing in SEO. You must have used the popular google AdWords tool. We suggest you do not stick to only a single tool. Try other dozens of tools available on the web.

Techniques For Link Building

You may use penguin and panda to create the links. But still, you will need some excellent strategies and techniques to make sure that your content is out there. You need to deploy proper methods to ensure that the people see and read the content, and they link back to it.

Other Search Items

It may be easy to rank the text i.e. the content or the article but what about the media on the site? How will you rank the photos? How will you get good ranks on the mobile search? A good SEO expert services provider will also look into these things and will optimize the content for you in a fruitful way for your business.

Source by Anum Sharf

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