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Why Local SEO is Important to Your Business

Why Local SEO is Important to Your Business

Why Local SEO is Important to Your Business

Local SEO is important for the businesses that have a local presence than a global one. If the business relies on the walk- in traffic rather than ordering online, definitely local SEO should be the first preference. SEO, Search Engine Marketing is a technique through which webmasters try to make your website reach the top of search engine results and if the business is in the hometown, it can do wonders for the success of a business. The above stated can be elaborated in a different way. Let us assume that you have a shoe store in California and if people in California need to buy shoes, definitely they will not go to other states as they would first prefer the local store. This is where the firm works and always tries to make the website appear at the top of search engine results by adding google maps.

Benefits of Local SEO
There are numerous advantages of opting for local SEO, especially for entrepreneurs. In fact, it is important to approach a good SEO firm in order to establish a huge customer base. All web entrepreneurs should have complete understanding of it because it is the only way through which they can grab the attention of local customers. If a website is able to attract local customers, it will definitely start attracting traffic from all over the world. It is a fact that people from all over the world use different search engines. For instance, people in India use different ways to search certain keywords, while people in USA use other ways to search keywords. So, if an Indian customer chooses SEO firm from USA, it is obvious that the search results are easily searchable by people in the States rather than people in India. If someone selects any Local SEO firm, all the keywords will be easily searchable in local search engines.

How it works
Local SEO works better with small or local business and it can do wonders in increasing the popularity of the business. The main motive of the local SEO firm is to include the targeted locality or region in the keyword, so that the local audience can easily locate them. Long tail keywords can be used for this purpose as they are much more effective to boost the efficacy of a local business. Suppose, someone has to promote SEO business in New York, the keywords may be ‘SEO business New York’. It is a localized keyword and definitely the interested people in New York will approach the company, but if the mentioned keyword is ‘SEO business’, it seems to be quite generic and people will just move on by reading little information.

Local SEO for small businesses
Local SEO is the perfect strategy for people who acquire small businesses which are based on certain geographical locale. It is always advised that the small business owners focus on the local audience first in order to achieve favorable results. It can guide the business owner about how to increase the efficacy of website and it may also include some basic tricks and tactics to grab the attention of customers. Local SEO firm analyzes the main keywords and search engines used by local audience which is essential to target customers.

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Source by Isaac Castro

Effect of Google New Results on Local SEO Company in City Like Aberdeen

Effect of Google New Results on Local SEO Company in City Like Aberdeen

Effect of google New Results on Local SEO Company in City Like Aberdeen

We all know about SEO and how important SEO services are for online business as well now for any business. Every organisation is always in need for highly professional SEO service provider. Professional SEO Company always builds effective SEO campaign with all required analysis and client goal. How and what kind of link building will be done?, How SEO marketing will work? What sort of target should be achieving in time line? They put these all questions in paper and derive the right SEO campaign for customer. Here I am focusing on writing about local SEO and how google‘s new updated search result will affect on SEO companies and business organisation. How it should be perform in this New Year. As of being seo consultant in England and Scotland, I have seen growth of online business in developing cities like Aberdeen, Sheffield, and Leeds etc. Aberdeen is one of the growing cities in UK and I was fortunate to deal with some of the local SEO service provider company in Aberdeen. Local SEO is become more important because of google new result sets. google map listings have taken place of the results. Now in google only 5-6 organic results are coming in first page. That is why local business is having more focus on google map listing. I have gathered some of the points from my last visit to one SEO Company of Aberdeen.

  • Get more backlinks from Country level domain (such as Co.uk)
  • Get more backlinks from Domain where city name is in url (city-name-co.uk or xyz.co.uk/city/)
  • Add Address in business information while posting blog or article
  • Try to get more reviews in local websites.
  • Publish press release in Local publishing sites.
  • Use Geo tagging

These all I have found with a fruitful discussion about how local SEO will perform in UK.

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google-New-Results-on-Local-SEO-Company-in-City-Like-Aberdeen&id=5672726″>Source by Ketan Raval

Local Search Engine optimisation – SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Local Search Engine optimisation – SEO

One of the keys to proper internal Search Engine optimisation and SEO marketing is placing your location within your website in text. Many clients that I have worked with were lacking in the placement of their local or geographical area. The location (address, city and state) should be in your footer and on some of the pages themselves.

html page titles – Local Geographical Targeting

When Search Engine Optimizing a website, having unique page titles is a must and including your local information and geographical area will not only get you a higher ranking, it will give you more targeted visitors – meaning the customers you want and can service. If you are a landscaping company in Akron, Ohio – do you need web traffic from Miami Florida? You wouldn’t get that traffic anyway. The point is if you only title your pages and write content without location, it will be much harder to rank high on google because you are basically competing with every company in your industry for your terms and it will be huge luck to get a strong listing on keywords alone.

Local Results and Listings on google and Directories

google is smart, but help them out by telling them where you are within your website. A contact page is a great example. Most sites have a contact page, but many are not search engine optimized for local traffic. The main reason I see is sites will just have a form for leads and an email – maybe a phone number. These forms are fine but for great Local SEO listing, text out your whole address in there. This is not only important for local or geographical search engine marketing for customers. What if a company wants to know where you are located so they can align with you or have a business proposal. You will also get listed in many more directories by having your address in text (not just in an image) – which I see a lot also.

If you want to compete for keywords and beat your competitors in google and other search engines, use your location words smartly. Street, city for maps and local directory listing as well as just good and intelligent search engine optimisation and SEO Marketing.

Local SEO Strategy Writing

Practice a few sentences and you will see what I mean. If you are a Landscaping Company in Lansing Michigan. Put in Prestige Landscaping, Lansing Michigan – A Lansing Lawn maintenance Company. Reads like good search engine optimisation? It is! there is less competition on search results for “Detroit Printing Company” vs. “Printing Company. Use that same strategy if doing pay per click programs and paying for keywords. Optimize and SEO for Local Search Results and better geographical terms. You’ll see a difference!

Hope this Helps! Contact Nick Hunter at Nick’s SEO World for any help you need.

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Source by Nick Hunter

Local SEO Services Will Get You Web Traffic

Local SEO Services Will Get You Web Traffic

Local SEO Services Will Get You Web Traffic

If you are looking to rank high in the search engines for your local market, then hiring local SEO services makes sense. These experts will be able to help you get your website noticed by your potential customers. Now that people are using the internet more for checking local companies, than they are using the phone book, it is wise to place your company in front of the competition. If you are not familiar with all the tasks involved in performing proper search-engine optimisation for your business, then the knowledge of an expert in the field will be invaluable.

How Can Local SEO Services Help Me?

They will look over your website and notice anything that needs changing to be search-engine optimized. There is a certain algorithm that the search engines follow to decide where a website will be placed in the search rankings. If all the requirements are not met your business website will not be visible on the first few pages of the search engine. Statistically people will not search much beyond page 2 or three for any given search that they perform. This means that the higher up you the more local traffic you will get.

Getting local traffic will result in more sales. And since this is the whole aim of any business, it cannot be underestimated. There is more than on-site optimisation that is involved to get your website ranking high. It is also important to get a lot of back links from other websites. This shows the search engines that your site is considered important enough by other websites that they want to have a link to your website. Getting back links is not an easy task. Most of the time you will need to manually place your own links on other websites.

What Can Local SEO Services Do For My Website?

As mentioned above, manually placing links to your own website is very time consuming. It is also not easy to know exactly where to place your back links. You do not want to place your links on random websites. The websites must be high-quality and family-friendly. When you have a business to run the last thing you need is to learn the task of link-building. Add to that the many hours of work involved, and it can soon seem like an impossible task. This is where the local SEO services can really shine.

These experts know exactly where to place your links, how many to place, and the pace at which they should be placed. The results should look as natural as possible, because that is what the search engines like. Local SEO services know better than to place thousands of links to your website in a short time. This does not look natural and will not win favor in the eyes of search engines. These SEO professionals are in business to help their customers succeed. When you hire local SEO services you can be assured that they will take the utmost care to rank your website in the safest manner.

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Source by Freddy Yap Sunaryanto

How Local Search Engine Marketing Can Benefit Business

How Local Search Engine Marketing Can Benefit Business

How Local Search Engine Marketing Can Benefit Business

The major search engines nowadays tend to provide the local businesses with high profile marketing tools. google, Yahoo and Bing have created their respective local business listing tools. Incorporating the local element in their algorithms, the search engines have popularized the concept of local search engine marketing. For the small business owners, it can be really challenging to market their business sites and drive considerable local audience.

Today, each of the major search engines has their own local sign up pages such as google Local Business Center and Yahoo! Local where instructions are provided on effective business list creation. In the sign up pages, the business owners need to provide their business details such as business name, address, contact details, small description of the business and its services and a link back to their business website. The search web engines crawl through these informations and tally them with the local search queries entered and present the most relevant result accordingly. Local business listing within major search engines is important and forms an integral part of the local SEM.

It is necessary to use the appropriate words for describing the business. A clear description about the business will help the search engines in linking the listing. Herein, keyword research is an important part. Selecting the right keywords and placing them aptly in the content benefits local SEM services in many ways.

There are host of companies offering SEO services USA but, you need to be sure that you are signing the deal with a company that not only offers you all-inclusive SEM and SEO services but adhere to the most ethical measures. While working on SEM services, these companies essentially harp on local business listings. The local business listing allows the enterprises to interact with the potential customers.

The concept of local SEM is not any ordeal as long as the responsibility is endowed on a professional company offering SEO services USA. With all competence and expertise, these SEO firms will implement the righteous strategies for promoting their client’s business online.

The effective local SEM strategies have helped the business to create a superb niche in targeting the local audience. So if you are one of those business entrepreneurs who have been planning to dominate your local market, then you ought to take assistance and avail the service of a professional SEM company.

Online local advertising campaign marks the very first step in the local SEM services. The local SEM strategy needs to be specific and must seek to boost website’s local search to the very best. Furthermore, local SEM services have multiple benefits as well. By building a strong identity in the local domain, local SEM services can help build a strong foundation for conquering national and eventually the global market.

Search Engines such as google offers a number of local SEM tools such as google Maps, AdWords, google Places and more. Depending on the business objective and the business type, local SEM plans need to be formulated.

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Source by Jacques Neel

Local Search Engine optimisation Tips

Local Search Engine Optimization Tips

Local Search Engine optimisation Tips

Search engine marketing needs a new local search engine optimisation feature to enlist better google, Yahoo and Bing results. Search marketing optimisation services have changed priority with google‘s places local search optimisation causing many former page one websites to drop. This local marketing opportunity means that search marketing can be achieved by using better effective local search engine optimisation allowing for lesser ranking websites to be seen on many page results. google local places search engine marketing takes priority of websites using local optimisation and address optimisation. The if your business is closer to the pointer of google maps it could mean higher ranking for your website. Social media marketing, directory, review results. A sample of local search indexing, local social media sites is below.

  1. Yelp
  2. CitySearch
  3. InsiderPages
  4. YahooLocal
  5. DealerRater
  6. JudysBook
  7. TripAdvisor
  8. Edmunds
  9. Zagats.com
  10. OpenTable


  1. UrbanSpoon
  2. DemandForce
  3. Kudzu
  4. Yellowbot
  5. CityVoter
  6. DexKnows
  7. SuperPages
  8. MenuPages
  9. LilaGuide
  10. Vitals.com

Search engine marketing is based on link structure or link popularity with links coming from outside sources. Local search engine marketing now relies more on local social media links to rank websites and local social media. Social media marketing can utilize local marketing with Facebook places, google places, google maps and local tweets from twitter. What is the best SEO strategy? Search engine optimisation and on page keywords was the former strategy and until very lately backlinks were the main focus of search engine optimisation services, now a website say for “cosmetic surgeon marketing company” or “Attorney SEO company” can achieve page one results with a small amount of backlinks. google places look at local websites yelp, yahoo local, and local listings, google maps and local social media marketing websites as a major link to local business. Plastic surgery, lawyers, attorneys, law firms, are all viable local based business services which will benefit from local SEO.

Local search engine optimisation is still best to keep a website optimized for keywords beyond local search marketing needs. SEO services will offer local listings as part of their services but many only provide the most obvious map, yahoo optimisation. Social media marketing along with local search optimisation has reached a point of equaling of trouncing many SEO strategies. Search engine marketing or SEM is also a candidate for local search engine marketing strategy. Search engine marketing can culminate in lead generation for professional services say attorney or doctor, plastic surgeon. These services require Local SEO to land the potential client to the website and then proceed to actually sell the services. How is this done? Client lead to client sell is a symbiotic strategy involving the services knowledge, reliability and pricing structure to lure the client to the best services possible.

If your services provides the best possible scenario for the client, sales happen. What can be a simple internet search from a potential client seeking say ” best SEO company ” and finding them on google maps and then looking at the SEO firms reviews on yelp or a video tutorial on YouTube means the clients last stop may be the actual website yet they are already keenly interested in the vortex of experience, results and price of SEO. Local search SEO is probably the most cost effective local optimisation. Competing with huge budget SEO was a severe challenge only a few months ago. Also outsourcing SEO has changed in as much as search engines can see local IP addresses and what is obviously a non American or U.S. IP address. What does this mean to SEO? It means SEO services from abroad cannot utilize local search marketing as before, it also means the social media used by outsourced SEO cannot mitigate to local indexing like a US. based IP can.

SEO in many larger cities can be adapted to local search optimisation along with social media marketing, video marketing, multimedia enhancement to not only rank pages higher but to generate real client conversion and sales on the internet. Search optimisation companies who do not supply video production, local search optimisation and social media marketing services are at risk of leaving their clients out in the cold in terms of local leads and brand awareness. Video marketing Facebook marketing and twitter real time updates all contribute to creating user trust and awareness. Video production and informational marketing strategies sets the tone for creating authority in your field. Clients want to know who they are dealing with in important matters of legal and medical services. Video can bring real trust and brand awareness right to the clients choice of “keep watching” or ” move on” in a way this is like giving a consultation without the hassle.

If a potential client see’s your face, likes what they hear the next contact will be a strong one. If a potential customer has decided they simply do not like your face or demeanor it would be a waste of your time to consult anyway. SEO services are abound all over the internet for the search ” best SEO company” however taking into account practicality, face to face client trust and testimonials along with price structuring for almost any services we are the best choice for local search marketing, local optimisation, social media marketing and SEO

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Source by Steve Lest

Essential Local Search Engine Optimisation Services

Essential Local Search Engine Optimisation Services

Essential Local Search Engine Optimisation Services

When it comes to putting your search engine optimisation campaign together, it is essential that you also focus on your local SEO. Local search engine optimisation has become an important element over the past year with more companies focusing on their local audience than ever before. You need to bear in mind that with smartphones, there are more people searching for products and services in their current location than ever before.

Forty percent of mobile users will search in their local area while more than eighty five percent of users will use their phone when out and about to find products and services within their local area. There are some essential tools you need to ensure you make use of to achieve success and dominate your local market now and moving forward.

One of the first things you will want to do is set up a google Places business page. If you are unsure then it is worthwhile finding an internet marketing company that can provide you with top local search engine optimisaton services to help you. When you set up this page, it is important that you ensure you provide accurate and detailed information. You want your customers to find your company with ease when they are shopping in your particular area.

From here you need to set up a google+ page. This is different to the google Places page, but both serve an essential service when it comes to local search engine optimisation. Your google+ page also needs to be accurate and provide as much information as you can to ensure that google can find you with ease when a client searches in your area. The next step, which is the tricky one is to link the two pages and then verify all the information. You want to verify your website, address and telephone numbers, you can do this by following the instructions provided.

With local search engine optimisation services you need to also focus on keywords. While keywords have always been a part of SEO, with the local SEO algorithm, you need to focus your keywords to your current location. In the past you may have used “internet marketing services,” now you need to use “internet marketing services London,” for example.

You must ensure your address appears on every single one of your web pages. This means going through your site with a fine tooth comb and adding your address and telephone number to each page, this ensures that google picks up your location whether they are checking your home page or one of your sales pages. In the past having your contact details on your contact page was enough, not anymore. It is imperative to ensure that you do not ignore this important step as you could find yourself penalised in search results moving forward.

Online directories are a wonderful tool to take full advantage of as one of your local search engine optimisation services. google is constantly viewing the online directories, so the more directories you list with, the more your company will be noticed. You want to ensure that when the google robot does it’s rounds, your name is one it sees in your area on a daily basis.

Local search engine optimisation services are not easy to manage on your own, especially if you are already trying to run a company or a department. This needs constant work and updating, which means it is worthwhile hiring a professional internet marketing company to do this for you.

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Source by John Trace

Learn How SEO Experts Services Can Help You Reach More of Your Local Customers

Learn How SEO Experts Services Can Help You Reach More of Your Local Customers

Learn How SEO Experts Services Can Help You Reach More of Your Local Customers

Uncover 7 “search engine optimisation” tips that “SEO” experts service providers should explain to help you choose the best seo services and to help you increase your visitors in your local market. First of all, you may be asking, what is search engine optimisation or SEO? SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimisation” or “search engine optimizer.” We know that choosing a search engine specialist can be risky and we’ve even heard about some SEO consultants that used unethical… or what is known as black hat tricks. How can you protect yourself from the few spoiled apples? We have included 7 misconceptions, half-truths OR Lies…

Listed below are 7 pointers you should know before hiring an SEO expert service professional.

1. Can a SEO expert guarantee you a google #1 position? According to google, no one can pull that off. google is like mother nature, you never know what to expect. google is definitely on it’s job by changing the algorithms frequently. So once you think you got it down pat… the rules are changed.

2. Are some black hat tricks are OK? Nope… you don’t want to run the risk of google banning your website from their search engine. Since google search represents 67% of all searches, you could potentially lose a big chuck of your visitors, thus income.

3. I heard that it cost every time someone clicks on your website: Yes and no. That’s only true when you participate in PPC, (Pay Per Click) and that’s a paid advertisement. Search engine optimisation is what we call an organic search and that’s free.

4. Is it true that I should use only keywords that are lightly searched? Nope. You will want to have your keywords researched to have a balance between having enough searches but not to competitive.

5. The company that contacted me mentioned that they have a contract with google and that they can easily get me on the first page of google. google never accepts money for inclusion in their search results. Again the organic search is free.

6. Once my site is up, is it too late to acquire SEO expert services? It’s best if you have acquired the assistance of a specialist before you built your house (website). However, a good SEO strategist can suggest corrections that can improve your ranking.

7. Will I have to redesign my entire website in order to get more visitors to my site? Normally, no. Most sites just have a few behind the scenes adjustments that need to be made. And most of the time it’s in the meta tags, which has nothing to do with the cosmetics of your site. If you are unsure about making changes, always start with small changes, analyze, then move on to larger changes if needed.

There you are, 7 of the most asked SEO questions from local business owners. If you’re planning to hire a SEO expert, you should at least educate yourself on some of the SEO lingo. There is nothing like an educated consumer. An informed consumer make better decisions. To learn about the pro’s and con’s of hiring a seo consultant be sure to watch our short SEO expert video.

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Source by Deborah Pretty

Manually Updating a Local WordPress Installation Using Windows XP

Manually Updating a Local WordPress Installation Using Windows XP

Manually Updating a Local wordpress Installation Using Windows XP


Just recently, I updated wordpress from 2.8 to 3.0. Most tutorials including wordpress‘s Codex, tell you how to update for a live blog, which is stored at your web host’s server. I could not find any information regarding manually updating an installation on a local computer (such as a testing server for theme development), so I wrote this article.

You may be asking, “Why not just use the auto-update feature?” Well, as documented by typing something like “wordpress 3.0 hangs at Unpacking the Update” into google without quotes, I ran into the problem of the auto feature halting while updating. I had to install manually.

Manual Installation Basics

It turns out manually updating was pretty easy, but was very difficult at first because of pitfalls I did not pay attention to. Those will be documented in the “pitfalls” section below. Although I won’t put together an in depth tutorial, I will tell you how I updated my test blog in a very basic way. This same method is similar to the instructions in the Updating wordpress codex page.

  1. First, I backed up the database by going to Tools, then Export in the Admin panel. I then selected Download Export File. This method is documented in the article “How to back up your wordpress blog in 60 seconds” by Christopher S. Penn. Type this article title in google to find out more.
  2. In the Admin panel, there were the buttons Install Automatically or Download [wordpress version number]. I chose the download link for a manual installation
  3. I navigated to the folder the file was downloaded to. This may be a My Documents, Documents or Downloads folder. In my case, it was a Downloads folder within My Documents
  4. I unzipped the folder (wordpress-3.01.zip) by right-clicking and selecting Extract All
  5. Following the Extract All wizard opens up the extracted folder. I double clicked the wordpress folder
  6. From here, I opened up a second Explorer window by going to Start menu, My Computer. From there I navigated to my original wordpress installation. I installed mine in Local Disk (C:), Program Files, Apache Software Foundation, Apache 2.2, htdocs, wordpress
  7. Once inside my original wordpress folder, I copied (Ctrl-C) the wp-includes and wp-admin files from my wordpress 3.01 folder and pasted (Ctrl-V) to the original (wordpress 2.8) folder
  8. Although I did not do the following step during installation, as my folders were already set up this way, it is a good idea to set up your folders in Windows XP so they show the full path in the title bar. To do that, go to the Tools menu item, Folder Options…, View tab, check Display the full path in title bar and Display the full path in address bar. This way, you can know at a glance which folder you are in
  9. As mentioned in the Updating wordpress codex page, I did not copy the wp-content folder, as this would overwrite my current themes and plugins. For wordpress 3.0, I copied the twentyten theme folder into the wp-content, themes folder to get 3.0’s newest default theme
  10. Finally, I copied all of the files from the top level folder, wordpress, including index.php. Then I pasted these into the original (2.8) folder. I did not overwrite the.htaccess file or the wp-config.php file, leaving these as is. Usually, these files are not included in a typical install. I renamed the wp-config-sample.php file in WP 3.0 as wp-config-sample2.php just in case
  11. From here, I was asked to login to my Admin panel again and prompted to update the database, following the provided link
  12. Installation was successful!

Windows XP Related Pitfalls

Installation was successful after a lot of trial and error and cursing at my computer screen, that is. I was trying to follow the above advice to install manually after the frustrating hang at “Unpacking the update” in the auto install. When trying to manually move the wp-admin and wp-includes folder from the 3.0 folder to the 2.8 folder, I was getting “Cannot create or replace wp-admin: Access is denied” error messages. What was even more frustrating was that I was getting these messages after sending the original file folders to the Recycling Bin via deleting them. I couldn’t even Restore the files as access was denied! Surely I thought I scrapped my entire wordpress installation and couldn’t upgrade.

Finally I realized what the problem was. I was working in a Limited account in Windows XP. I do this purposefully for safety, because I don’t want to be online with an Administrator’s account. To follow the above instructions, copying and moving files in the Program Files folder and such, I needed to log in to an account with Administrator’s privileges.

I never figured out if the Limited account issue was why the Auto-Upgrade feature didn’t work. However, this advice is warranted: if upgrading wordpress manually for a local installation, make sure you are using or have access to an account that has Administrator privileges. I hope this article will be useful for those who may have come across the same problems I did. Thank you for reading.

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wordpress-Installation-Using-Windows-XP&id=4765822″>Source by Jason Gonzalez

Local Online Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners

Local Online Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners

Local Online Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners

If you are a small business owner offering products and services to your community you understand the importance of effective marketing strategies and lead generation programs. While many years ago media advertising including posting ads in the local newspaper, billboards and radio announcements were seen as effective marketing methods, the Internet has changed the way owners do business in every industry. Online marketing has become a popular and affordable alternative to direct mail initiatives and other media advertising as it is not only inexpensive to roll out, it is also very easy to track. If you are a local business owner there are several local online marketing tips to increase your productivity and your overall net revenue without increasing your marketing efforts.
The most effective way to generate a higher amount of leads is by building a personalized website introducing you to prospects and building your brand reputation. When you begin construction your site you will need to consider several factors to ensure its success including: the target audience you desire, the objectives of your site, what a visitor should expect, what do you want to visitor to leave with, and why a visitor might return. By considering all of these factors you can build a site based around the needs of your prospects rather than your business.
There are many effective methods to gathering contact information through your site. While some webmasters may have a newsletter with informational content that adds value in the prospects life, others may require an email address or phone number to receive special offers and promotions. The key to running a successful site is offering something of value to the visitor so that you can defer them for future follow ups and eventually sales. The more you are able to contact a prospect and remind them of your brand name, the more successful your lead lists will become for call outs and direct email campaigns.
Local online marketing tips will always be focused around the development of your own site and how to lead traffic to it. With blogging, article marketing, social networking branding and many other online marketing resources, a business owner can cut down on the cost of flyers and mailers and focus their marketing budget on something that is easy to track and will hit a widespread audience. Focus your marketing strategy on the world wide web and appreciate the vast options you have at your disposal.

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Source by Cedric Welsch

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