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Professional SEO and Linkbuilding After Google Penguin Update

Professional SEO and Linkbuilding After Google Penguin Update

Professional SEO and Linkbuilding After google Penguin Update

google frequently changes its search algorithm and penalizes duplicated content, reduces spam and eliminates poor link building techniques with irrelevant links, all to provide your website with a better ranking in google searches.

If you do not follow the latest google SEO news and updates like “Penguin”, you can lose your website position in search engines like google. The idea behind the creation of the google Penguin algorithm is reflected in rewarding sites with unique content. For optimal performance which is NOT based on a spam website positioning and techniques, professional SEO services for SEO link building that does do not contain spam SEO tricks and methods are constantly utilized to conform to and follow google rules.

SEO techniques for building links after a Penguin algorithms update, and still maintaining a positive effect on positioning websites in searches are part of the old google SEO rules:

Article Submission– Article submission is a good way of marketing and setting up back links to your website. Now the article submission is an increasingly rare way to back linking as google has found many article directories and defined them as spam. We have still some good article directories where you can post your written articles, and one of these good article directories is exactly this one where you are reading my article. Still, the same rule applies as before, write good articles, construct a good and unique article.

Back links from forum profiles– Forums are great places where you can set links. On most forums,we have a text field, a field that is below your profile and the present profile online signature. This is a good place where you can write a short text and set the back link pointing to your website.

Comments on blogs– You can leave comments on blogs and can set forth your personal opinion. Due to that, some blog visitors can learn more about your “SEO services“. In addition to attitudes and opinions that can be placed on blogs, you can set the links to your website which further directs blog visitors to your website. You must find blogs that have topic appropriate to your niche and you need to check that blogs have follow, or no follow back links.

You need to find blogs that have followed links to achieve the right effect with google.

How do you know if it follows or not?

If you know HTML code it will not be hard to find, just select the comment with link and you can see the source, all will be shown. If you do not know HTML code then you need to use some SEO tools to show that the back link does not follow. You need to pay attention to your comments parameters. Before you post a comment you must be sure that your comment have same topic as the article, so it takes a little time to read the article and understand the content. Avoid short comments like this “this is a nice article” for the moderator will not allow comments such as that to be published.

If you not follow the google updates and your website has been hit with a new Penguin update you must monitor your back links and find some of the link building techniques that google now punishes.

What should be avoided?

Dangerous websites– Dangerous websites that have a lot of advertising in the content, these websites are already punished or penalized by google. Dangerous websites that promote spam or violence and pornography are NOT good for setting up links. google checks the location where it directs users.

Paid back links– All back links that you pay for advertising on other websites, to promote your website and target specific keywords, should be abolished. google believes that each stream of paid advertising is bad for organic search.

Spam Blog comments– Blog comments with a low Page Rank without filters to delete spam comments will not help your website to be positioned better in google searches. The new google Penguin update punishes blogs that don’t have good content and have lots of anchor text. Every blog, every website that does not filter comments is a kind of spam, so if you set a link your website may seem like spam.

You need to find and get organic back links. If you do not know how to get organic back links and are not sure how to not be penalized by google it is best to find a google.com/website?sl=ar&tl=en&hl=en&u=http://www.fotosasa.net/index2.html”>professional SEO services to take care of your SEO. Your website must have a good and unique content, good content will help for better positioning in google searches for all pages on your website.

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White Hat Link-Building Techniques

White Hat Link-Building Techniques

White Hat Link-Building Techniques

You may or may not agree that unless you’re one of the long-standing, legacy type websites sites (who have always ranked for their main term) that link-building will be one of your main objectives in your overall SEO campaign (alongside site architecture, on-page optimisation and internal content strategy).

Just a quick note: Let me just say that the subject of ‘white hat’ or ‘ethical link-building’ is a tricky one. What is deemed as ethical to some people may not be deemed as ethical to others. Especially when profit, commercial interests and risk/reward come into it.

The best we can do as search engine optimisation consultants is to use our experience and judgement to help our clients make the right decision about which way to go in a particular circumstance.

I wanted to post this article to give a quick heads up on a few techniques that really are as white hat as you can get.

I have used these techniques heavily to help sculpt the back-link profiles of our websites and ensure there’s a healthy ratio of URL, Trade Name and keyword anchor text links.

1 – Article writing & syndication
Write some excellent articles and get them on EzineArticles etc. Also may be worth using some automated software to syndicate the articles a little further. Also try contacting some websites and asking them if you can write some bespoke content for them.

2 – Link-baiting
Spend some time getting a good content idea together and then set it loose on Stumbleupon and Digg et al. It might take a few attempts to see what works but stick with it, a good one could drive significant traffic & links.

3 – Social bookmarking
Get your team actively involved in social bookmarking. Let it become a habit . . . Not a hassle. Bookmark everything, even other people’s content.

4 – Press release writing and syndication
Got some news? Of course you have! You can make news out of anything, even if it’s commenting on someone else’s news. Just get a good Press Release written and get it submitted to a few press release distribution sites (leave a comment and I’ll email you a list).

5 – Directory submission
An oldie but still a goodie? It’s debatable, but with so little effort required you’ll probably want to spend a bit of time on this. Just make sure you rotate your anchor text and descriptions.

OK, so there are lots of other ways (including direct link requests) of building ethical links, but you probably know the ones that work best for you anyway.

The point I really wanted to make about this type of link-building is that we view it as a kind of support service to some more advanced (yet still ethical) link-building tactics. These links are never going to make or break your SEO strategy; they’re not the links that are going to deliver the No.1 positions in competitive markets. . .

They do, however provide a variety of links and a certain amount of buzz for the search engines to start finding out about your website.

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Source by Simon Ph Jones

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