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Search Engines and SEO – Learn How They Work

Search Engines and SEO - Learn How They Work

Search Engines and SEO – Learn How They Work

As the SEO (Search Engine optimisation) industry grows, so do the market for Search engines. We have seen more and more websites turning to SEO to promote their web based businesses, and in turn, we have also seen more and more search engines.

As the number of searches grow, each search engine tries to make itself better for the people using them. This means, that they have to produce better search results for each search topic than other searches. With this increase in competitive search engines, they must all change and improve their indexing of websites. These changes are in their algorithms and affect how they rate a website’s relevance. This change in how sites are rated makes it more difficult for black-hat methods of SEO to work.

Black-hat methods are often ways to scam the search engine’s search results. While they may work for a while, eventually the search engines will find the scam and remove any websites using them from the search results. It is always better to keep it honest and perform true SEO for your websites.

True SEO is about optimizing a website’s content to perform better in searches, or rather, optimizing a website’s content and design to make it better for the user’s use of the website. Focusing the content alone for search results is not necessarily enough to get indexed in the first page of search engines like google or Yahoo. Your pages also have to be useful and not confusing to your customers or end users.

Part of the improvements in search engines’ analysis of your website includes how long users stay on your website. If your website loads slowly or is confusing, people are likely to leave your website quickly. Another reason for this is if your page descriptions are not focused on the true content of your page. This is an important part of optimizing your pages.

Search engines primary goal and function are to provide search results that are directly related to the topic of each search. Focusing your content and web design on a clear topic is going to get you the best results in search engine placements. Some of the areas that you must focus toward your topic to improve your SEO optimisation are your meta tags, keywords, and body content.

Your meta tags are used by web crawlers, web bots, or spiders. This is how a search engine is going to see your website, and is generally the information that will appear in the listing for your web page in their index. Search engines use your meta keywords to determine what search results to determine your relevance for, but they also process your page content in this analysis. If your meta keywords are not reflected in your content, they are not even used. This can devalue your ranking. Keep your keywords focused to the content of each page.

Meta titles are a strong defining point for each page and its content. Choose a title that defines the page. Many websites use generic titles like page 1, page 2, and so on. This may help you identify the page, but search engines can’t use this to rate your relevance. In addition, the title listed in your meta tags is how your listing will appear in the index. The title needs to tell your viewer that they have found the right page. This title needs to be reinforced by the description for the page. This is where a viewer of the search results will look after the title tag to confirm that the page is about what they are looking for. Search engines are going to be looking at it the same way. This description is your meta description.

The keywords listed in the meta keywords must be used in your page’s content. Generally, it is better to focus a page on just a few or even one keyword. The more refined the page’s content, the better optimized it is and will perform better in the search engines. Throughout the body content, these keywords are used in a natural flow. Over use of them makes the content hard to read and follow by your reader. Also, over use of keywords or phrases may appear to be a form of scam to the web bot. This is commonly the result if the content does not flow.

Search results will continue to get better and more refined, but true SEO will keep your website and its pages moving up in these results as they are improved. Honesty and usefulness is the only real secret of SEO.
For more information, tips, and tricks to better understanding and performing SEO visit google.com/website?sl=ar&tl=en&hl=en&u=http://fixmyseo.net”>http://fixmyseo.net

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Source by James Nech

Article Writing Secret Tips – Learn How the Pros Earn Big Money

Article Writing Secret Tips - Learn How the Pros Earn Big Money

Article Writing Secret Tips – Learn How the Pros Earn Big Money

Just like everything on the internet the cheaper you are the more people will look at you. This is also true for article writing on the internet. I haven’t out sourced in some time but recently went looking for a freelance writer. I was astonished by what some people were charging. You might be thinking I mean big money when in fact it’s the complete opposite. Some people are charging as little as $5 for a 500 word article! I was totally blown away by this. Having written many articles myself, I know how much work goes into writing them. Why are people charging so little for their hard work?

One reason is trends. The article marketing industry has taken a nose dive into poverty. Most people are looking for the cheapest freelancer out there. They don’t really care about the quality of the articles they get. As long as the article they get is readable their happy and on their way. I want to know how these freelance writers are making it on as little as $5 per article.

Let’s just take a second to go over article writing to put this into perspective. Someone contacts you and says I need an article about “blah”. So you, the freelancer, goes and does a bit of research to find out about “blah” and writes. So let’s say you wrote an article every 20 minutes for 6 hours at $5 per article, that’s $90 a day. If you did that for a week you’d be making $450. You might be thinking how does anyone write an article every 20 minutes? Well it took me awhile to find out but I found the secret to how these freelance writers are making so much money on so little pay.

Some freelance writers are just really organized. They do all their research, find their keywords/phrases and bang off tons of articles in no time. But most writers have a secret weapon they use to write their articles, a secret that they don’t want getting out.

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Source by Vicky Gibbs

Learn How SEO Experts Services Can Help You Reach More of Your Local Customers

Learn How SEO Experts Services Can Help You Reach More of Your Local Customers

Learn How SEO Experts Services Can Help You Reach More of Your Local Customers

Uncover 7 “search engine optimisation” tips that “SEO” experts service providers should explain to help you choose the best seo services and to help you increase your visitors in your local market. First of all, you may be asking, what is search engine optimisation or SEO? SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimisation” or “search engine optimizer.” We know that choosing a search engine specialist can be risky and we’ve even heard about some SEO consultants that used unethical… or what is known as black hat tricks. How can you protect yourself from the few spoiled apples? We have included 7 misconceptions, half-truths OR Lies…

Listed below are 7 pointers you should know before hiring an SEO expert service professional.

1. Can a SEO expert guarantee you a google #1 position? According to google, no one can pull that off. google is like mother nature, you never know what to expect. google is definitely on it’s job by changing the algorithms frequently. So once you think you got it down pat… the rules are changed.

2. Are some black hat tricks are OK? Nope… you don’t want to run the risk of google banning your website from their search engine. Since google search represents 67% of all searches, you could potentially lose a big chuck of your visitors, thus income.

3. I heard that it cost every time someone clicks on your website: Yes and no. That’s only true when you participate in PPC, (Pay Per Click) and that’s a paid advertisement. Search engine optimisation is what we call an organic search and that’s free.

4. Is it true that I should use only keywords that are lightly searched? Nope. You will want to have your keywords researched to have a balance between having enough searches but not to competitive.

5. The company that contacted me mentioned that they have a contract with google and that they can easily get me on the first page of google. google never accepts money for inclusion in their search results. Again the organic search is free.

6. Once my site is up, is it too late to acquire SEO expert services? It’s best if you have acquired the assistance of a specialist before you built your house (website). However, a good SEO strategist can suggest corrections that can improve your ranking.

7. Will I have to redesign my entire website in order to get more visitors to my site? Normally, no. Most sites just have a few behind the scenes adjustments that need to be made. And most of the time it’s in the meta tags, which has nothing to do with the cosmetics of your site. If you are unsure about making changes, always start with small changes, analyze, then move on to larger changes if needed.

There you are, 7 of the most asked SEO questions from local business owners. If you’re planning to hire a SEO expert, you should at least educate yourself on some of the SEO lingo. There is nothing like an educated consumer. An informed consumer make better decisions. To learn about the pro’s and con’s of hiring a seo consultant be sure to watch our short SEO expert video.

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Source by Deborah Pretty

Learn Search Engine optimisation – The 5 Step Guide

Learn Search Engine Optimization - The 5 Step Guide

Learn Search Engine optimisation – The 5 Step Guide

While many people understand the importance to learn search engine optimisation, many business owners often find the process of learning SEO very complicated. The truth is that SEO should not be thought of as some sort of technical minefield, waiting to trip you up at every opportunity. Instead, SEO should be thought of as your next natural step in your marketing strategy. Basic SEO can be broken down into 5 main points.

They are:

Market Research, Keyword Research/Analysis, Web Page optimisation, Website Structure and Link Building. To start with, it is imperative that you know how competitive your marketplace is. Research leading search engines such google and Bing and see what sites are ranking highly for relevant keywords.

The next step is to research and analyze your own keywords and look for what people in your industry are searching for. There are a number of very good keyword research tools out there that can help you with this such as google Keywords Tool and Long Tail.

After looking at what keywords are important to your site, the third point to help you learn search engine optimisation is to look at the structure of your own website. Think about your site theme and navigational structure and how this relates to your keywords or phrases. After all, this will be crucial in helping to build a credible brand, while helping to improve conversion rates.

Next you should look at the on page structure of your page content. You need to think about your page titles as these are important for successful SEO campaigns. As for page content, always keep it up to date and relevant. Don’t get lazy and simply spam your page full of keywords. The search engines are smart and will sniff you out a mile away.

Finally, it is important to consider building quality links to your website. You could submit your pages to site directories such as DMOZ. Having back links into your site is an excellent way improving your site traffic, so you need to consider a social network package or your site that people can refer to on their blogs, Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Follow these simple steps and it will not be as complicated as you thought to learn search engine optimisation.

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Source by Steven Augello

Important SEO Tips – You Should Surely Learn Them

Important SEO Tips - You Should Surely Learn Them

Important SEO Tips – You Should Surely Learn Them

There are so many websites online nowadays. In the past, you can see that there were some large websites and you would remember the names of those websites easily. But in recent years, you would surely need to bookmark the sites. But you would also find that the bookmark list is getting longer and longer. Therefore, you would sometimes prefer to conduct spontaneous search for some topics instead of keeping the names of those websites into the bookmark list.

As a result, the importance of search engine increases. You surely want to find relevant information. Therefore, you surely want the search engine to give you accurate information. This is the work that search engine is trying to do. It would like you to enjoy the convenience. Therefore, it would use different factors to select the websites and rank these websites.

As a website owner, you also want your visitors to reach you easily through search engine. Therefore, you would easily find that there would be techniques helping you to gain popularity. In order words, this is something called Search Engine optimisation nowadays.

SEO is a kind of skills that you should learn online because there are almost all websites doing this kind of work to get a higher ranking.

The first tip that you should bear in mind about SEO is that there should be information related to your website in some article directory. This is something called backlinks. If other famous and large websites contain links to your website, those search engines would recognize your website as more reliable. Therefore, you would gain a score in that aspect.

No doubt, backlink is only one of the various aspects that you should pay attention to. Besides the backlinks, you should also try to make sure that there is original content in your website. This sounds difficult but this is a must. Even though you are promoting the same product as your opponents, you should try to make unique content. You should add personal feelings or experiences to enrich the content and make your visitors entertained. If the search engines find that your website content is almost the same as other websites, there is a chance that they would recognize your website as a duplicated one and they would not give a high ranking for your website. This is something that you surely do not want to see. Therefore, keep your content original. There are some tools for you to check whether the content is original enough. You can consider using those tools to conducting the checking part.

Using social media is also a kind of new SEO techniques in these few years. You can find that the power of social media networking sites is really great. For example, you can find that there would be a lot of buzzes in Facebook once you post a great article or link. This is the power that you can utilize. You should not think that this is impossible. A lot of small businesses have successfully used this method to create a brand image.

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Source by Carson Smith

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