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Professional Link Building Services Vs On-Site SEO – Tips to Know What to Focus On

Professional Link Building Services Vs On-Site SEO - Tips to Know What to Focus On

Professional Link Building Services Vs On-Site SEO – Tips to Know What to Focus On

Search engine optimisation has gained much momentum in the last few years. With a plethora of websites coming into picture, search engines had to come up with strategic algorithms to identify the real deal of each site and place it in its deserving spot. On the part of the site developer, there are some optimisation techniques that can be carried out to improve the overall quality of the site. These techniques not only render the site user-friendlier, but will also improve the rank of the site from the search engine perspective. Among the many search engine optimisation techniques, link building is one of the most important sure-shot techniques.

Although it is not possible to incorporate all the SEO techniques into the site, some high-impact techniques can be introduced in the site, to improve its rank. Techniques like Meta tags, title tags and long tail keywords in the Meta tags will increase the chances of getting listed on the search engine in the top 10 results. These are essentially on page techniques that in common parlance concerns the content of the page and the words used in the content that will cause the web crawlers to list the site when someone searches based on the keyword.

Link building concerns the number of inbound links to and outbound links from the site. An increase in the number of links pointing to the web page will increase its credibility and boost the link traffic factor in the search ranking algorithm. It is interesting to note that on page SEO was the only SEO technique that was in vogue during the early days of internet, when the dot com world was much simpler, with simple search functionality and limited number of web pages. Keyword stuffing the web page to gain a spot in the search results was a practice that worked during that time, when search engines were at their infancy.

But today most of the on page SEO techniques have become outdated. google and others have devised ways and means to detect mindless keyword stuffing and the site gets penalized. Although concentrating on the on page SEO indeed makes the site more readable, optimized, it does not provide as effective a result as link building.

Search engines give a significant rating factor in the rank for link building because it exhibits a site’s authenticity. It helps build a link of legitimate sites which are safe for the user to browse. Although automated link building services provide opportunity to build multitude of links, search engines do notice the automated links that are intended to just shoot the rank up for the page.

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Key Aspects to Focus on When Choosing a WordPress Theme

Key Aspects to Focus on When Choosing a WordPress Theme

Key Aspects to Focus on When Choosing a wordpress Theme

Design and User-Experience

Certainly, your reason for choosing a particular theme is to make sure that your website would look impressive and your brand would be displayed in the best way possible. You can find a theme that suits your business by following a number of steps.

As a start, search for the sites where the best-designed themes are sold. Though this may be obvious, I find it worth mentioning. My personal favorite is Theme Forest but there are also lots of good designs available in Elegant Themes and Studio Press.

Next, devote time to browse the demo. See if the website looks simple to use. Does it have enough white space? Does it feel exciting or does it give you a headache? Your gut feeling plays a vital part in the choices you make.

Lastly, choose a cross-browser compatible theme, which has also been built to be accessible.


Mobile traffic differs from one industry to another, but many reports have come to an agreement that on an average, 30% of people use their mobile phones and tablets in visiting websites.Whether or not this is accurate, there is more than enough reason to use a responsive theme.

Nearly all reputable themes are compatible with mobile devices, so when a theme lacks responsiveness, this is a cause for concern. Many theme sellers allow you to filter out unresponsive themes. An additional option is to browse over a curated, responsive theme list. One of the effective ways to know if a responsive theme is good enough is to try to run the demo via google‘s latest mobile-friendliness tool.


When wordpress is equipped with any of the several great SEO plugins, it could be among the most SEO-friendly CMS available. Yet, a lot of themes make all kinds of on-site SEO errors like omitting header and alt tags, duplicating content and making dynamic URL mistakes.

In choosing a theme, go for one that mentions “SEO ready” or “SEO optimized” in its description, but do not blindly trust it. Many developers add this so they could sell their theme. When you know that a designer has at least taken SEO into consideration when developing their theme, you get some sort of assurance.

You can install an extension like SEO Site Tools or Mozbar for the Chrome browser to do some fast SEO checks on the demo of a theme.

Easy to Customize

Several themes come standard with a customization dashboard. This way, you don’t have to do direct changes to style sheets. Furthermore, plugins like Visual Page Editor simplify building complicated page structures without the need to touch code. A number of these WYSIWYG editors are quite limiting, but overall, I consider them as very advantageous to making a website look impressive without exerting much effort. If a demo of the developer‘s administration panel is available, I would suggest you to try it so you can customize the things you need to.

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