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How to Establish a Stable Online Job

How to Establish a Stable Online Job

How to Establish a Stable Online Job

It can’t be denied that most jobs being offered in the internet are just temporary. This is the reason why freelancers are also called independent contractors. The employer cannot actually fire you because you are not an employee in the first place. When work-related problems arise and both employer and contractor are not able to fix it, they can simply terminate the contract and not think about resignation letters or separation pay.

With this situation, how do you deal with the uncertainties of being an online freelancer? Knowing that your writing contract may end anytime soon and that you will have no choice but to start all over again, do you think that it is possible to establish a stable online career? The answer to that question is very clear. Yes, you can have a strong online profession by simply following these tips and advice:

  • Continuously build your portfolio. Keep a record of your finished works. If you are a freelance writer then create a list of links and websites where your articles have been published. If you are a web designer, create a website where you can showcase snippets of your designs. If you are a SEO specialist, make a web page about your projects and invite clients to write a positive feedback for you. The bottom line here is don’t throw away your accomplishments. Every achievement must be recorded in your professional portfolio.
  • Enhance your skills and knowledge. You know how doctors never stop on learning. You should also keep your self updated with the latest news about your field and industry. If you are a freelance writer, always read articles written by the best writers in your niche. If you are a web designer, study the new techniques in Photoshop and stay alert about the latest technology in designing. If you are a SEO specialist, learn the latest methods in creating backlinks and always analyze google updates.
  • Maintain a professional network. Make friends with as many freelancers as possible. This will help you advance in your career with lesser efforts. When you are connected with people of similar expertise, it is easier to get information about where you can find new online gigs and jobs. As you know, when a new opportunity comes, the word about it spreads like wild fire in online communities. So make sure you have connections to avoid being left behind.

Being a freelancer means freedom because you don’t have a direct superior, you don’t have to go to office everyday, you don’t have to deal with traffic and rush hours, etc. However, you must understand that freelancers are independent. You will have to think about your future because nobody else is going to do it for you. The secret is to maintain professionalism because this will make it impossible for you to run out of gigs and money.

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