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Earning $1,000 Pm From Home With Content Writing Jobs Online

Earning $1,000 Pm From Home With Content Writing Jobs Online

Earning $1,000 Pm From Home With Content Writing Jobs Online

Hello Friends! My name is Vinay and I am a full time freelancer writer. Few years back I was really frustrated because I had no job and no money to start any business to earn my bread. I had to close my only way of earning, which was my cyber cafe due to heavy financial losses. My health conditions were also not well to do any hard salesman or other same kinds of job. So, I thought why not try to earn from some of the content writing jobs online? So, I started searching the internet to find a genuine online job. Then, one day I stumbled upon worknhire, which is a best website for freelancer beginners since it do not ask for any fee and there are many opportunities of content writing on this website.

So, I started my career with a very small, or in other words I say a tiny step of working with worknhire. However, I was not happy with my earnings because I was paid around Rs. 100-250/- for a 500-1,000 words article. Although, I knew that I would start earning good income when I bolster my writing skills.

So, friends this way I started my career and within few months; I joined another website called Fiverr, which I thought is a great website for a novice or an expert. Fiverr is an international website and you must possess good writing skills to get some sales on this website, since there are already millions of buyers registered with this website, but getting an order on Fiverr is not tough if you know some SEO. If you want to get instant sales on this website, then you must make a small intro video for your gig. You can visit this website for more information.

Are you still with me friends! OK, so Fiverr really helped me to become an international freelancer and I started earning in dollars. Initially I would earn around $100-250 per month. And then, after few months, I started getting some more amount and joined some more academic writing websites.

Fiverr is also great in the sense that the buyers would pay you in advance for your gig and if you are good at writing, then they would come back again to buy from you. Some buyers on worknhire had ditched me when I worked outside the website. So, take my suggestion friends and never work from outside your freelancing website and always ask for advance payment of around 50% of the project, since there are many hoodwinkers on the internet who just want to exploit your skills and hard work.

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Source by Vinay Ghosh

How Can a Content Writing Agency Help To Grow Your Business?

How Can a Content Writing Agency Help To Grow Your Business?

How Can a Content Writing Agency Help To Grow Your Business?

In the digital world, content is the king. This term is entirely correct as the whole internet is striving on the content posted on the website. The primary thing necessary for a website to rank higher in the search engine result pages is top-notch content. After considering this thing, you must be thriving to add content on your site. However, mere adding a large number of articles or blog is not sufficient for a better website. Though quantity plays a significant role, you should never ignore the quality of the content.

Most of the beginner websites don’t know the things that should be included in the online content and end up inserting the wrong things which can do more damage than good to their website. To avoid any content damage to the site, it is best to hire a content writing agency. Without a doubt, they will charge a specific amount for their work, but the results you get will surely help your business is growing. If you are still not convinced about hiring these agencies, then here we present you with some of the reasons how a content writing company can help your business.

Generate Engaging and Informative Content
Creating the right type of content for a website is the key to get the most out of a site. Content marketing agencies know what kind of content will drive more traffic towards your website. In addition to that, they have a fair idea of your niche and will only provide you with the content revolving around that specific niche.

Save Time
Undoubtedly, generating content requires time and effort investment which doesn’t even guarantee success. When you opt for a content writing service, you are taking their time and efforts and using it for your website which will ultimately save your business time. You can use that time to curate new idea for your business or its future plans. Moreover, most of these agencies come with 100% result guarantee, so it is sure that your business will be benefitted.

SEO Friendly Content
Search engine optimisation or SEO is the technique to make necessary changes on the website so that it can rank higher is the result pages. The writers at these agencies know the latest online trends and search engine algorithms which they will implement in your content that will assist your website in reaching the top spot. Every google.com/website?sl=ar&tl=en&hl=en&u=https://esmeenetwork.com”>content marketing company ensures that they integrate the right set of keywords in the content which looks natural and avoid any penalty on your website.

Lower Cost
Having in-house writers is surely a good thing for every company. However, you have to bear the additional costs of these writers including their salaries, the working space, their management costs and other miscellaneous expenses. When you hire content marketing services, all you have to do is pay the desired amount to the company as per the work you are getting. This eliminates the additional costs that you have to bear, and you can invest that money for the growth of your business.

On Time Content
Sometimes companies hire freelancers rather than going for content writing company, mainly because freelancers are cheaper to hire. However, they can get the job done, but there is no guarantee to it. Apart from that, freelancers may delay in providing the content. On the other hand, these companies are highly professional and will provide the work on time without making you wait for your content.

A content writing agency will help you in meeting your daily content requirements easily. Now you know how a content writing company can assist your business growth. Go ahead and contact some of the best agencies and expand your business.

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Source by Chitraparna Sinha

8 Strategies of Reacting to Rejection in Freelance Content Writing

8 Strategies of Reacting to Rejection in Freelance Content Writing

8 Strategies of Reacting to Rejection in Freelance Content Writing

For countless freelancer article writers, the rejection of a piece of well-researched and written article is hard to take, particularly for those new to the profession. Your reaction has great implications on your dream of becoming an established writer or making a living out of writing. The following are the best options available to you:

1. Don’t quit

When a client rejects your article and adds some ‘unfair and cruel’ comments, you can choose to close shop or, like a famous advert says, keep “going and going and going.” You either get swept away by the tide or swim against it. If you develop a weak spine in freelance content writing, you are likely to be feebler in your next profession.

2. Read the rejection comments carefully and asses them

You can also make the choice of reading pertinent comments keenly and objectively. Feelings of rejection can make you ignore the real issues that the editor, magazine or blog owners are raising. The client from a content writing company who declines your article may be pointing out areas where you need to up your game. Weigh the comments to see whether they are fair or mean.

3. Implement constructive criticism

Instead of fretting about article rejection, accept constructive criticism and make necessary amends. If the editor suggested you work on your language and vocabulary, swallow your pride and do exactly that. Majority of the people who reject your work went through the same process to become better at their craft. Rejection can make you a wiser freelance article writer instead of killing your spirit. It is all about your attitude.

4. Read more on the topic

Whether the person who declines your article suggests it to you or not, get time to research your topic once again. Perhaps the information your provided has been presented before and is no longer news to readers. Can you find a different angle to the issue you wrote about? Is there new research in that field that negates the content of your article? Let rejected freelance content writing spur you to get a better grip of your niche. Read more sources and interview more people than before. Your next article or the revised one will be more mature and incisive than the rejected one.

5. Take a writing course

Taking a writing course is another effective reaction to article rejection. Many freelancer writers are not trained in writing. You may have knowledge and passion in your niche, but you lack the linguistic and organization ability to express yourself. Take an online course or study by direct mail. In a couple of months, you will be equipped with technical skills that will give you an edge in article writing.

6. Include rejected article in your portfolio

If online writing companies and clients reject your article, yet you find nothing wrong with it, include it in your portfolio. For example, if you submit an article for a competitive magazine, you may be one of the many who will be rejected simply because only one article is needed. Place the declined article in your portfolio and let people know your writing prowess through it.

7. Submit it to another blog or magazine

Look for another magazine or blog that publishes similar content and pitch your article. Let a second expert got through your writing and you may be surprised that it is accepted. Remember standards and editorial policies differ in freelance content writing. However, in case two or three other people reject your article, go through the respective comments and make changes. All these people cannot be wrong about your writing.

8. Write more articles

Nothing works better for a freelance article writer dealing with article rejection than to continue writing. After overcoming the initial disappointment, hit the ground running and craft even better articles. The only way you can nurture your writing talent is to churn more content. Do not silence the pen or the keyboard. One day, very few, if any will reject articles from a person who knows only one language – writing.

#Strategies #Reacting #Rejection #Freelance #Content #Writing

Source by Joseph Maina Kabui

Getting the Most Out of Quality Content Marketing And Retaining Your Customers

Getting the Most Out of Quality Content Marketing And Retaining Your Customers

Getting the Most Out of Quality Content Marketing And Retaining Your Customers

Article marketing is used in two primary methods. It can act as a traditional promotion tool. It can also be used to demonstrate the competence of a particular enterprise in a market sector. Content promotion enables one to put pressure on his or her knowledge and encounter. To achieve good results, some primary guidelines should be followed when it comes to business marketing with quality content writing strategy.

Catchy title

A title that holds the attention of visitors is required to make sure that people will pay attention to your writing. Try to create something humorous, fun or provocative to say to your visitors. When trying to make a title, think as a regular online client. The title should not sound too dry or overly guru. It should be easy to understand and curiosity-arising to the level where it can make the visitor to continue studying.

Optimized content

Apart from being informative and well-written, your writing should make it to the top of the search engine’s results page for a particular keyword. Knowing online SEO and choosing keywords correctly is of key importance to allow clients to find your writing easily. Try to include the most important keywords in the title and the first few sentences. Provide useful hyperlinks to other contents and work on the originality of your article. It will get a good position, as long as it’s informative and published to fulfill the primary SEO top quality requirements.

Informative writing

Remember that above all, your article needs to be informative. Think of the requirements and doubts of your customers. Deal with the problems that make them worried and the questions that trouble their thoughts. If your content aims to demonstrate your competence to potential buyers, use professional tone and terminology. Your writing piece is a presentation of your capabilities and your company. Decide on a market and a topic that will enable you to demonstrate your particular knowledge.

Think properly before you begin creating your content. This content should address some questions and should consist of original concepts and analysis. Discovering the stability between informative written articles and SEO could be challenging. Do not be petrified to do your research to get the best tone to address these issues.


Use Tweets, Facebook and other social press to promote your content. Even the best writing will never be popular if the readers can’t see it. Social media sites are 100 % free, and they will provide you access to millions of customers. Create your profile and start exploring the promotion options available. Creating a fan web page or a group devoted to your company or particular sector is another good way to popularize your content. These will help you contact people who have a particular attention in your niche of competence.

Write often

To be sure of good online content marketing results and to keep the curiosity of visitors in existence, you need to write on a consistent basis.

#Quality #Content #Marketing #Retaining #Customers

Source by Bethy K Damaris

How a Content Writing Service Can Help You

How a Content Writing Service Can Help You

How a Content Writing Service Can Help You

The day has arrived when a person does not have to worry about the access of knowledge, may it be about shopping, academics, business, entertainment or whatever. The world of internet has made this day possible in our lives. To access information about a certain area a person just goes to a search engine like google, Yahoo, etc. and finds his relevant material with just one click.

Search Engine optimisation, shortly termed as SEO is an idea of promoting web business through search engines. SEO technique helps a webmaster achieve his website in top SEO rankings with the help of SEO writings.

If a webmaster wants to promote his website through SEO writings and he himself is not specialist in writing that content, he may outsource content writing by hiring a content writing company. Main thing in SEO article writing is to be careful that the written article relates with the website a webmaster wants to promote. Web solution services provider are expert in such SEO article writing and they ensure that the article written by them exactly and precisely relates with the website to be promoted. Which in simpler words mean, if you want to promote a website which contain material such as selling or designs of undergarments, your written article must contain words related to undergarments like “stretchable undergarments”, “silk undergarments”, “importance of undergarments”, “undergarments industry”, “how to choose undergarments” and so on. Though it seems difficult to write such an article but it only requires sense of appropriate words selection, sentence construction and logical thinking. A rich article will profit you more whereas a poorly framed article may jeopardize all your efforts.

These articles are then submitted to different article directories on the web. Somewhere in the article, webmasters include the link of their website in a logical manner. Thus a person who wants to know something about already given example “undergarments” will enter his query or keyword in search engine which will lead him to the SEO article submitted by the webmaster. There onward, if driven, the person will click on the link and concerned website will be opened. In this way the desired website will be ranked higher in SEO ranking. Another website may also include or select your article on their website which enhances the chances of your own website promotion through more clicks. This method of affiliate marketing further improves the ranking of one’s website. Besides this, the main secret behind favorable utility of these articles is its unique webpage publishing.

Services for SEO writing are pooled up from various resources like some dedicated company, some organization or even from freelancer individuals who are specialists in content writing. SEO writing services help a lot to promote a blog thereby resulting into huge volumes of profits for the webmasters.

Content writing project companies and people with article writing techniques work side by side for the good of webmasters. What is the right approach to hire content writing services? Here is the answer…..one may search such expertise from the internet and find out various skillful and talented individuals as well as some companies who are willing to contribute or who are expert in providing their services for SEO writing at the right time with perfect quality.

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Source by Rajesh Kumar Bhardwaj

Scope of Content Writing As a Career Option

Scope of Content Writing As a Career Option

Scope of Content Writing As a Career Option

Today content writing is one of the major areas of outsourcing to Indian companies. Companies usually don’t have time to write about themselves so they give the contract of writing to other companies, which in turn hires content writers to write high quality content. Content writers follow just one simple motive that is providing relevant text to the websites that can grab the attention of the reader.

Web content writing is another aspect of content writing in which as a writer you caliber lies in writing content that attract and engage visitors so they start exploring the client’s website. Web content writing is very different from writing for print materials such as newspapers and magazines as they only look for 5w’s and 1h that is why, what, when, where, who and how, but a website writer, unlike them, should carefully look for words that can lure readers, words which can hook the readers and can grab their attention.

Many writers today are offering freelance web content writing services to many companies, by not aligning themselves to only one company for avoiding monotonous work. These freelancers are usually very experienced and well known writers who always deliver quality work.

But now content writing has diversified itself, and one of the recent additions is SEO copywriting services the main purpose of SEO writing is to promote a website by bringing them up in the search engine. Being a highly specialized department, it requires technical knowledge about search engine optimisation. Article writing and blog writing are effective techniques to make people aware and spread knowledge about company’s products and offerings.

SEO copywriting services have been spreading its roots in India also. Indian writer’s knowledge of search engine optimisation is equal to International standards, not only this; Indian companies are offer a lower price as compared to prices charged by other companies involved in SEO writing. This is why India has become global hub for the companies looking for inexpensive and highly professional and talented writers.

The increasing demand for content writers in India has been a boon to Indian Economy as many people are getting employment. People who thought that writing has no scope in India; have changed their opinions as many companies are heading towards this country for outsourcing. Young talents are also showing their skills and caliber in this field, which has really helped people who wanted to make their career in writing.

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Source by Zaibatt Zaki

SEO Content Writing Utilized by Professional Link Building Services

SEO Content Writing Utilized by Professional Link Building Services

SEO Content Writing Utilized by Professional Link Building Services

SEO is essentially a part of the online marketing strategies. The technique, when properly implemented by a professional link building services, would direct the traffic from search engines. Writing website content SEO is beneficial for your business. Here you can employ a few strategies while being careful about certain factors. In a scenario where numerous websites exist with the same theme, the content makes the site stand out from the rest. The web content confers the legitimacy to the website.

What makes SEO content writing different from ordinary content writing? The answer is that you use your keywords discreetly in the website when you do content writing for SEO purposes. For a business that needs traffic from the search engines, SEO content writing is indispensable. Keywords used in the content attracts both the users and search engines. A small investment to outsource the content writing will be as beneficial as the investment for link building services.

Whatever keywords you use must be relevant to your business. Stuffing unrelated keywords solely to get more traffic will not result in conversions. Business goals are attained only when the search engines and users find the stuff useful. Some of the search engines even consider the bounce rate while assigning ranks in their results pages.

Meta tags are neglected by site owners who are ignorant about the basics of SEO. The keywords and description attributes of the Meta tags permits the spiders to know about the content of the website and categorize them in the index of search engines. Including the keyword phrases in the Meta tags are still valued by the major search engines. The small snippets of text displayed along with the links in search results are often extracted from the Meta tags of websites. Meta tag generators available in the internet are useful while dealing with too many pages.

Search engines strive hard to meet the expectations of the searchers by providing them diverse as well as unique content. Creating distinctive content is a challenge for the SEO content writers. SEO companies offer content writing services, link building services and other related services in SEO.

The presentation of the content and the captivating nature of it make the users stick to the website. Writing the website content with the keywords distributed will invite the right visitors who particularly look for your products and services. When you avail the link building services, you can see how the appealing articles bring visitors to your website. Keyword density of the website must be of the optimum level to gain top rankings. Too high and too low keyword densities are not found to have a positive impact on SEO.

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Source by Bob D Williams

Get High Quality, Original Content From Professional Article Writing Services

Get High Quality, Original Content From Professional Article Writing Services

Get High Quality, Original Content From Professional Article Writing Services

Original content is the holy grail of SEO consultants. Much of a website’s success depends on the originality of its content. The rule is simple: no one wants to spend their time reading content that they’ve already read somewhere. Hiring an article writing service can ensure that your customers will always something new to read on your site whenever they come.

Original and unique content is the key to SEO. google loves content that is not published anywhere else on the Internet, and therefore gives the site sporting it, high rankings. This is something that all SEOs strive for. But it can only be achieved through content that is original and fresh.

Seeing the exponential need for content production, many professional article writing services have surfaced in the market, offering their expertise in producing content that would be SEO friendly, with lots of personality to attract a potential client. These services hire writers that are expert in writing about different niches, and can produce fresh angles on well exhausted topics.

Not all of these writing services, however, offer 100% unique content every time. Some article writing firms indulge in practices like spinning which is a process of transforming a new article from an original one, with changing most of its vocabulary to pass different content originality tests that website owners insist on.

This is not a white hat SEO strategy. Although spinning can work sometimes, the results are never pretty. Either the sentence structure would raise red flags or the grammar would be abysmal. Therefore, make sure that the writing service you hire must specializes in producing one hundred percent original content each time.

The top rated writing services hire writers that have vast experience in producing SEO based original content, or are expert in explaining a single thing with hundred different angles. These skills really come in handy when writing content for the web because there can be only as much topics to write on, and online business is a game of presenting a single piece of information in a variety of ways so each business can stand apart from other.

This is a very tough art to accomplish. Not everyone who is good at writing can be a good SEO article writer. This is why article writing has become a profitable occupation for writers, and an expensive service for clients to employ. But consider this expensive service an investment (which it truly is) and do not let it bother you. Just hire a top class article writing service, so you can have an accomplished writer producing impeccable and captivating content for you with a variety of angles to help your website stand out from the crowd.

A lot of these article writing services also offer bundle packages that are on discounted rates to attract clients. Buy one such package to fulfil your content needs, without breaking your budget.

#High #Quality #Original #Content #Professional #Article #Writing #Services

Source by Rana Adnan Mushtaq

Scope Of Content Writing In India

Scope Of Content Writing In India

Scope Of Content Writing In India

In order to lure prospective clients towards your website, it is vital to make your presence felt on the World Wide Web. And it can be made possible with the help of search engine optimisation technique which has become an integral part of online marketing these days. There are various steps that are involved in making your website search engine optimized. But one of the most important aspects in the whole process of search engine optimisation is content writing.

Content writing is not mere simply writing on the desired subject or for the website to offer information to the online readers. In fact, it is an art that every content writer should possess to give a new look to his writings that adds life to the content of your website. It should be such that your dull and mundane website is caught in the new limelight.

A professional content writer must be acquainted with writing skills and understanding of simple Internet research. Articles can be written by anyone of us but what makes a difference to a perfect copy of writing is when you are able to hold the reader’s attention to it.

Though it must be an astonishing fact for some but it is true that SEO has made old and existing websites to change and reframe their content so as to gain search engine ranking. An important requirement for a SEO content writing is that it should be rich in the relevant keywords and key phrases. Moreover, it should be written according to the SEO norms and in such a way that it helps in turning visitor to your website into your potential customer. Thus, we all can truly agree that a website designing and development is incomplete without writing and development.

In today’s times, content writing has taken a front and popular seat in India too. The profession of this type fwriting in India has become popular and much in demand. India has become a major hub of outsourcing and has well-flourished well in India. There are many Indian content writing companies that offer a wide range of these writing services to people who wish to develop their website content or want to optimize their website. Hence, if you are a budding writer and are confused whether to pursue your career in this profession or not, then mind it, there are many writing jobs, and there is a bright scope in India and worldwide.

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Source by Viveck Sharma

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