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Choose the Best CMS CMS for Your Website – WordPress Vs Joomla Vs Drupal

Choose the Best CMS CMS for Your Website - WordPress Vs Joomla Vs Drupal

Choose the Best CMS CMS for Your Website – wordpress Vs Joomla Vs Drupal

Well, you are familiar with wordpress and heard a lot about it. It is easy to use, fast and SEO friendly CMS but, you may have heard about other CMS and their features too. Some of them are Drupal, Joomla, wordpress, eZ Publish, ExpressionEngine, Typo3, SilverStripe, Concrete5, Textpattern, Symphony, MODx, CMS Made Simple etc… There are many more but, most popular CMS are: wordpress, Joomla and Drupal

Every CMS has it’s pros and cons and it all depends upon for whom is is built for? For example wordpress is built for bloggers and writer in mind and thus very friendly for them but not much developer friendly.

Although it is possible to make a complex site with wordpress but, Drupal may be a better guy for this job. On other hand Joomla has user friendliness and and provides mature programming approach it has several drawbacks. IMHO Joomla has a better administration interface than Drupal but not better than wordpress, whereas Drupal has better programming approach than Joomla and wordpress.

So, wordpress could be your choice for a simple, sleek and creative site but, for a highly complex Drupal or Joomla is the way to go. However it doesn’t mean you can’t build a complex site in wordpress but, it is a little painful.

wordpress is the most popular CMS and approx 14% websites are using it. Even some giant magazine websites are powered by wordpress. It also has tons of plugin-ins and free themes to use. It is the CMS of choice for designers and bloggers.

Drupal programming API is really awesome, and if you are a programmer you’ll love it. For non-programmers is very troublesome. Administration is really confusing but you can use some other admin themes like RootCandy to make more easy to use yet it can’t beat Joomla or wordpress. I didn’t make much effort to understand Joomla and wordpress interface, it was pretty clear for me, whereas for Drupal I had to watch several videos.

Drupal lets you create complex functionality but puts some limits on creative design. However you can use you HTML and CSS tricks to win it.

Joomla is also an excellent CMS but I have found it difficult to customize and it development it tedious if compared against Drupal. However I really like its administration interface. Joomla also has tons of matured plugins like Virtuemart for shopping cart.

So, do a little more research, give every CMS a try on you local system and go with the best-fit for your requirement.

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Choosing Between Drupal, Joomla and WordPress For Your CMS

Choosing Between Drupal, Joomla and WordPress For Your CMS

Choosing Between Drupal, Joomla and wordpress For Your CMS

What are the differences between Drupal, Joomla and wordpress when choosing to use a Content Management System (CMS)? Given all the differences between the three, what is the best one to choose?

A CMS will generally come with the ability to assist with user accounts (which may involve a variety of roles e.g. admin, editor, basic user etc.), it makes and preserves menus, and it manages the content of the website and the overall system. A CMS is essential for the easy running of large, content rich sites.

Drupal is a highly sophisticated programming interface for web developers. This CMS will work on any platform that has a web server able to run PHP and a database, it needs these so that it can store the website’s content and settings. There are many themes that can customize the way a website looks and feels, all an administrator needs to do is choose the required theme from a menu. Drupal is a very powerful tool that is best suited to advanced PHP developers, it is often accused of making sites that are not very pretty though anyone with a good understanding of it’s templates system will not have a problem with this.

Joomla is another popular CMS. This CMS is also written in PHP, it stores all necessary data in a MySQL database and also includes features such as RSS feeds, page caching, blogs, news flashes, and so on. It can be uploaded onto any web server that supports applications for PHP. There are many different hosting sites that provide a control panel that allows the deployment of a Joomla web site. Joomla is not as complicated to use as Drupal, but if a site needs to go beyond the standard setup it might prove too much for the novice programmer.

wordpress is often used as a blog publishing application that can be powered or operated by PHP and MySQL. This has many different features that include a plug in design and a framework for templates. Three hundred of the worlds biggest websites use wordpress as their CMS. This is the most popular blog software used today.

It has features such as templates and widgets that can be positioned without needing to know any PHP or any form of HTML code. It also features links that use integrated link management, a helpful search engine and supports the posting of non-blog articles hence its use as a CMS. wordpress allows users and developers alike to go beyond the features that come pre-installed by adding many more features via freely available plugins. It is the ideal solution for anyone who wants a feature rich site that is easy to setup.

In making your choice of CMS, it is best to understand the full scope of the website that you are creating. Choosing the wrong CMS at the start can cause no end of problems as transferring to a new system may not be so easy. For complex sites with unique features Drupal is recommended. For simpler sites it’s best to go with wordpress. Joomla lies somewhere in between.

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Custom CMS Development Services With Amazing Features

Custom CMS Development Services With Amazing Features

Custom CMS Development Services With Amazing Features

An impressive, informative, user-friendly and search-Engine friendly website is the key to success in today’s competitive world. You need to focus on each and every part of website design or web development – mainly the right one that you can manage easily without any assistance from professionals. If you are looking for such development platforms, where you can upload image or content without any command over specific language or technology, custom CMS development is the right platform for you – designed and developed on wordpress to provide you seamless web design experience.

Because of having endless possibilities for integrating Plugins, add-ons and custom features for your website or apps, wordpress is counted as the right custom CMS development platform. However, Drupal, Joomla and Sitecore are other options to choose – mainly to get optimized workflow.

wordpress CMS Development Services by Experienced Professionals

WP CMS development services are offered by experts from a recognized web application and software development company. It is based on innovations, adding new frameworks, Plugins and customizing themes to transform your web presence. Professionals use this platform to make necessary changes, adding real time information pop-ups, Live Twitter Feed and updating module. They deliver high-performance web solutions that you need for a better standing. They help you with a seamless CMS installation and configuration; while you will get a gamut of solutions – from installation to configuration like:

  • wordpress Design & Development
  • wordpress Websites & Blog Setup
  • Free & Paid wordpress Theme Configurations
  • Web Forms, Email Notification and different automation

You will get complete solutions from wordpress theme development to wordpress Plugin Development and wordpress Migration and Maintenance Services. They also provide you with API Integration and module management.

Custom CMS Development Services with Customizable Features and Modules

Because of endless possibilities of integrating Plugins, add-ons and custom features for your website applications, custom CMS development services have become the most vital need amid developers and programmers to develop websites with amazing customizable features. Professionals, who are offering you such services, help you integrate your CMS by following a few simple steps. Professional developers, who are offering you custom CMS development services, implement customizable features, modules, plugins and extensions within existing CMS platform like wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and Sitecore to optimize workflow.

Racketail Offers Custom CMS Development Services

If you are looking for custom CMS development services, you will get precise solutions from Racketail – offering cutting-edge enterprise CMS development and Open-Source solutions – developed from scratch and implemented within your existing workflows through custom feature integrations. Racketail’s custom CMS solutions are SEO-friendly and success-driven that is designed to incorporate with existing content management system – mainly to enhance and lift up your website, application, social media network and e-commerce store or blog.

From experts at Racketail, you will get flexible and customizable CMS solution with integrated features, modules, themes, plugins and extensions. Their service process will help you to enhance existing solutions and to create a brand new custom-tailored system – enabling effective content and workflow management. Racketail offers you enterprise CMS solutions and Secure CMS solutions too.

Experienced professionals at this leading web and app Development Company can develop new Open-Source CMS solutions like wordpress, Drupal or Joomla; while integrating customizable features and modifications within your existing platform – mainly to provide you with added functionality, interoperability and workflow efficiency.

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Source by Sachin Jadon

How to Choose the Right WordPress CMS Development Company for Your Business Website

How to Choose the Right WordPress CMS Development Company for Your Business Website

How to Choose the Right wordpress CMS Development Company for Your Business Website

wordpress has evolved as the undisputed pioneer CMS in the recent past. wordpress has a rich interface and provides a great user experience to millions around the world. If you want to own a feature-rich and dynamic website for your business then wordpress is the best choice for you.

wordpress development may be easy to use but still it requires experts to develop an efficient website. You need to choose the perfect wordpress CMS development company for your development needs to ensure you get what you want. For this there are certain things you must take care of while choosing the development partner for you, here is a list of those:


Experience matters a lot be it a web development field or any other field. This must be the first thing you should look for in your wordpress development company. Try to find a company which has demonstrated skill in the field of wordpress development for its previous projects. An experienced company will come up with the best ideas and practical approach to developing your platform and deliver a successful project. You have a better idea of your needs so ask the company if they have done that kind of work in the past or not. If they have done it then it will help you in getting an efficient product in lesser time.


This is undoubtedly one of the most important things to check for while choosing any service provider for you and there is no exception in the case of choosing a custom wordpress development company. Company’s results and actions in the past will tell you about the kind of services they offer. While choosing the company try to find out about the reputation of the organization in the industry. Check what is being said about the company by its clients and partners. It will help you in getting an idea of how good or bad they were with their clients.


This is also an important aspect to look for while choosing the right development partner for you. Check if they are using the latest technology and following the latest trends running in the market.

Ask about their proficiency in basic languages like PHP, XML, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5 and MY-SQL which are important in a wordpress Development. Make sure the company you choose, have a group of people who are expert in related technologies and efficient in delivering any kind of project without any flaws. You can ask the company if it has the required qualifications to deliver a product according to your needs.

Cost Comparison:

Breaking down the cost parameter is again an important aspect. Try to conduct a thorough examination of the cost required in wordpress CMS development by the company you are choosing and in contrast the expense of other organizations. This will help you in getting a sensible plan and your chances of bringing down the expenses will increase extensively. Similarly, check whether they have included the maintenance part of the development cost or not. There are times when organizations do not include maintenance services and charge you for them later when you need them. To ensure that you are not over-charged, discuss all the cost parameters before finalising the company.


This is something people tend to ignore while it has a vital role to play in the successful partnership with your service provider. Just have the idea of what type of post-project support the company provides and what will be time period covering the free support. This is important to make sure how reliable is the company you are going to choose. One more thing you can do is that make sure everything is in writing before you give the contract to the wordpress CMS development company. It will help you to avoid any undesirable consequences and leaves no scope for a surprise at the end.

Ask for References:

Never hesitate to ask the company about their previous projects. You can ask for the client references and see how they worked with them. Sometimes a company behaves differently before getting the project and immediately changes the behaviour after getting or completing the project. SO you can talk to their previous clients as well about their work ethics. Moreover, you can check what kind of projects they have done in the past and how successful were they. This will give you a better idea of the efficiency of the organization.

The relentless competition in the field of business sector leaves no space to make any mistakes. Whether it is your website or any product or service you are offering. The same goes when you are hoping to make a wordpress website. Taking this into account you have to take care of the above-given factors before making a final call for your wordpress CMS development company.

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Manage, Update And Publish Your Content Easily With WordPress CMS

Manage, Update And Publish Your Content Easily With WordPress CMS

Manage, Update And Publish Your Content Easily With wordpress CMS

It’s always a sensible decision for businesses to leverage a free and open source content management system (CMS). In doing so, the web development cost is cut down in a big way and a great deal of flexibility is had by the business. More so, the framework also enables ease of editing and redistribution to developers. Using wordpress brings all these benefits, and even more and that’s why it’s so much popular across industries. It’s possible to create any website with this platform and enjoy its versatility. More so, it helps web development of any scale with a range of built-in plugins and themes.

In a sense, businesses will find it extremely easy to extend their functionalities when they use wordpress. It helps in all kind of websites, be it eCommerce, membership, video website or directory website etc. Using this CMS, businesses can realize their objectives and goals in a timely and desired manner. What’s more, websites made using this platform will give superior performance in search engines to boost the prospects for businesses. It’s an optimized CMS with loads of SEO plugins and all this helps boost the visibility and ranking of websites in search engines.

In addition, wordpress is used in the development of websites that have fast loading speed, maintain coding standard, deliver ease of navigation and help in image optimisation. More so, these sites not only support social media integration but also deliver a superior user experience. Furthermore, businesses can leverage WP sites for their ability to support multiple systems, multiple browsers and multiple devices. Not to forger, the CMS now comes packed with fully responsive themes to help entities cater to the ever-growing mobile segment with effortless ease. For developers, no other CMS delivers as much ease of use as this one and that’s why, it’s extensively used.

wordpress comes packed in with facilities for blog publishing and user management. It’s extremely easy for anyone to create and publish blogs and pages and do coding-less custom configurations. More so, this CMS is easy to customize where anyone without much of a technical knowledge can alter the design, colours and features of the theme. In a sense, it frees you from the menace of coding-less customization and boosts your capabilities with the platform. Backed by a large community of developers and users, it enables troubleshooting in the quickest possible time and manner. It’s also rich in help resources on the internet.

For business, wordpress is a secure platform as every fourth website created in the world utilizes its high-security standard. Its extensive support to multimedia and its easy integration with any app or service makes it a great option for businesses. That’s why, wordpress development services are becoming more popular in the industry. Your business can also benefit from a content management system which is rich in features yet free to use. So, you should trust only experts with this platform and let them develop a high-quality website to help achieve your goals with ease.

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Should You Use WordPress As Your CMS – The Pros and the Cons

Should You Use WordPress As Your CMS - The Pros and the Cons

Should You Use wordpress As Your CMS – The Pros and the Cons

Since wordpress is popularly known as a great blogging platform, CMS enthusiasts often debate about its use as a content management system. Using the right plugins, wordpress can also be used as a great CMS. The following list is meant for those who like to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of a particular CMS:

Pros of wordpress When Used as a CMS:

wordpress is known for being simple to use. It includes pre-installed design options that let users create a template-based blog with plug-ins meant for CMS, by simply clicking a number of buttons. Moreover, you do not need to know HTML to use the website. When it comes to the blogosphere, wordpress is the choice of platform.

wordpress offers enticing choices of menu, which makes the website more attractive and simple to navigate as compared to Joomla or Drupal. It is easy to rearrange menus and pages to best suit your business needs.

Since wordpress has a lot of no-cost themes, you can certainly find a template that is associated with your business. There is an option for users to pay for a premium account using a business credit card to make your site look more professional.

wordpress has the ability to improve search engine rankings. Your site can end up being on the first page of reputable search engine results like google or Yahoo if you carefully use relevant keywords.

As of the moment, wordpress has almost 13,000 free plugins on its open source platform. wordpress has been recognized as a CMS tool due to this quantity of plugins.

With the use of custom-built fields, users can expand way past blogging, categorizing to use WorPress as a dependable CMS tool. Custom fields such as “Flutter” make it easy to build a CMS, even for those who have no experience.

The Pods CMS plugin lets users create different kinds of content even without any custom-built CMS buttons.

Cons of wordpress When Used as a CMS

wordpress has many attractive templates. However, some users like to design their own unique theme. To do this, they need to be equipped with a deeper knowledge of CSS jargons. Those who know about this may think of using something more robust, like Drupal.

To have CMS design capabilities similar to Joomla or Drupal, wordpress needs lots of plugins. Though these plugins are found on the site, using a lot of them can slow down page load times. Before choosing wordpress as your CMS tool, think about the number of plugins needed as well as how this will affect the functionality of the site.

Since wordpress updates its functionality every now and then, it may not be the best choice for those who go for a more consistent platform, like those who plan on building a CMS on the site.

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WordPress – The Best CMS Platform

WordPress - The Best CMS Platform

wordpress – The Best CMS Platform

wordpress is open source, flexible, SEO friendly, responsive and user-friendly open source CMS (Content Management System) and that it is why the best CMS platform in use today. Millions of the website owners in the world have trusted wordpress to create their beautiful websites. It has worldwide community support with millions wordpress developers, users, and supporters around the globe. It is open source software which is freely available to be downloaded, installed, and used as your own.

The statistics rather makes a stronger sense than the words:

1. “Over 60 million people have chosen wordpress to power the place on the web.”


2. Among the total population of CMS users worldwide, 48.19% of them use wordpress to develop their websites. The data stated here is based on CMS Usage Statistics at builtwith.com on 19th July, 2015.

With these two instances, you might have been convinced to develop your new or next project on wordpress. But if you are still confused, let me give you details on how wordpress is the ultimate solution for your website building plan. First thing is that it’s probably the most user-friendly CMS ever. If you are not much tech-savvy and have less or no idea of coding, it’s the only and best option for you. Even the beginners can use wordpress and create an elegant website for any purpose. wordpress is easy to use and doesn’t require HTML or PHP knowledge which one needs to use other CMS platforms like Drupal, Joomla etc. wordpress offers various themes/templates with beautiful designs which you can easily customize and give your shape. Besides, you have an easy access to numerous plugins and widgets that make you able to add various functions in your website.

wordpress is the top CMS platform because it’s cost-effective. As mentioned earlier, it’s an open source system allowing you to make use of it for free. There are thousands of free wordpress themes and plugins by the enthusiastic geeks.Besides, you don’t necessarily need to hire developers, designers or programmers to build a website but you can do it all by yourself. So, you will save a bundle of money.

It is the most popular CMS system due to the responsive feature of it. These days, most of the web surfers prefer tablets, iPhones, and mobiles to desktops or laptops. You can have a wider access to audiences if your website is responsive-displaying your content good at all kinds of devices, either with small screen or large screen. On the other hand, it is SEO friendly. You can create a great website content with wordpress and can get higher traffic to your website. It is search engine optimized so that your website gets better rank over search engine results driving larger audience to your website. That ultimately helps you establish a brand in this competitive market and change the website visitors to the customers, subscribers. Finally, you make good money through it! So, I conclude that wordpress is the best CMS.

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WordPress: The Favorite CMS

WordPress: The Favorite CMS

wordpress: The Favorite CMS

There is no lack of open source CMSs (Content Management Systems) in the world but none as popular as wordpress. Going by its sheer popularity wordpress development has become analogous to development and management of blogs and business website. wordpress developers help in conceiving, editing, publishing, and indexing content with ease. Browse the Internet and you will come across thousands of websites, which use wordpress platform.

Ever heard of these companies – Yahoo, Sony, eBay, Wall Street Journal, Ford and NY Times? Don’t be surprised if you come to know that these giants used the wordpress CMS to update their blogs. If wordpress development ever needed a certification, these giants in business are its biggest testimony. If this is, still not enough to convince, you can add CNN, Mozilla, Network Solutions, cPanel and General Electronic to the list!

Reasons for wordpress CMS’s Popularity:

It’s Free– It is an open source CMS which comes with a General Public License. This means you won’t have to incur any expense for the wordpress CMS. All you need to do is purchase a domain and pay for the hosting charges and you can run your website. If you don’t want to do even that, wordpress lets you host your website or blog absolutely free under its own domain.

Simplicity– It is one of the core reasons for the popularity of wordpress CMS. You can install it with a single click and voila! You are ready to blog. You don’t need to be a technology geek to build and run your blog or business website on wordpress. The only thing that prevents you from building one is laziness. Even if you are lazy, you can always seek the help of wordpress developers.

Themes– Want to have a customized look for your website? wordpress themes allow you to create absolutely unique websites by using these themes. There are thousands of free themes available online. Apart from this, you can buy some premium themes for custom development of your website. Still not satisfied? You can ask wordpress developers to create custom themes to suit your exact needs.

Plugins– One of the things that let you create awesome websites in wordpress is the presence of plugins. Gone are those days when you would have to employ developers to create applications to run on your website. In wordpress there are huge numbers of third party plugins that can be downloaded, installed and used for free. You can install RSS feeds, google XML Sitemap Generator, Twitter tools etc. in your website within a few minutes.

Outsourcingwordpress boosts the largest developers in the world compared to any other CMS. You can easily outsource your wordpress development to offshore development centers and get your work done at affordable prices. These offshore development centers not only offer you cost advantage but also help you find expert wordpress developers.

So if you are thinking of a Content Management System, think wordpress. It is always exciting to go for wordpress development and even more exciting to avail the best wordpress services as mentioned at google.com/website?sl=ar&tl=en&hl=en&u=http://www.evontech.com/wordpress-development.html”>http://www.evontech.com/wordpress-development.html.

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