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Spending Online Marketing Budget on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Is a Right Choice or Not?

Spending Online Marketing Budget on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Is a Right Choice or Not?

Spending Online Marketing Budget on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Is a Right Choice or Not?

SEO is becoming a must for any online marketing campaign & marketers are without any evaluation getting into the search engine Optimisation activities. Have you ever thought whether the SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy which you have undertaken really benefiting you, if so are you spending the right amount, if not are you investing it on the right vendor. Online marketing firms give lots of glossy pictures & analysis information about the SEO & its effectiveness. Let me tell you it is very simple for you to analyze these aspects from your end without any expert knowledge.

SEO V/s Reasons or Need

Why you need SEO or what are the reasons for including SEO into your online marketing campaign. Do a self-analysis of the major aspects before deciding on SEO. This preliminary evaluation can help to in knowing your website factors of SEO & its implication. This gives a better platform to decide on SEO.

1. What is that you’re trying to promote on search engines?– Identify your products or service which you’re promoting & its target audience segment. Say you are promoting a mosquito repellent, then identify the popular call names & known name of your products.

2. Do you really think that there is a quantity & quality search happening on search engine for these products?– Use search volume analysis tools from google or other popular players to understand the search volume under given target audience & market segment.

3. Which are the keyword or key phrases you want to promote?– Identify the right set of keywords & key phrases from the search volume analysis done as per your defined marketing plan

4. What is total number of keyword identified & how to handle the plurals, spelling errors?– Formulate the final keyword list, by working possible combination of keywords in line with your business & popular search tags. Also do a transliteration of keywords to handle spelling errors & plurals On the keyword list is ready group the keywords as per specific criteria or some common factors

5. Is your website content supportive for SEO using identified keywords?– Identify the keyword groups & compare them to your website content. The ideal scenario is to host a dedicated content page for each group of keywords. If the number of keywords in group is more then you need to place them effectively on the page or even deploy additional pages so that you don’t over crowd.

6. Are you website SEO Friendly?– When you think of website SEO friendliness, you need check for any broken links on your website, how well the keyword oriented pages within the keyword group are connected, does your website ensure sufficient keywords density.

7. Do you require an SEO expert to do this job?– identify the roadblocks & evaluate the proposal of working with your in house person for improving & external agency for outsourcing the work

SEO V/s Cost

What is the exact cost of doing SEO? You will be breaking you head on this for a while & with different rates plans / SEO packages on offer you become more confused. Well the basic behind it is to keep things simple & plan it step by step.

1. Amount you require to make your website SEO friendly

2. Amount you require to do an effective keyword research

3. Amount you require to do content management & writing

4. Amount you’re agency require doing On-page optimisation & its frequency?

5. Amount you’re agency require doing Off-page optimisation & its life cycle?

6. Assurance v/s commitments and commitments v/s delivery?

7. What are the review points & cost for achieving each points

If you have this information from your SEO agency, then you can exactly plan you SEO budget.

SEO V/s Online Marketing

People wonder the difference between SEO & online marketing. Yes take it from me SEO is a part, may be a vital part of Online Marketing. Where do we market our products & services – without doubt you will say that where you find the maximum sourcing (demand) there you will market. Exactly search engine holds nearly 80% of market share (traffic) when it comes to online product / service sourcing. The research by leading agencies learning user behavior on online media has suggested search engines especially google, Yahoo & Bing as the most traffic generating source. So while deciding your online marketing mix, you need to evaluate visibility & reach of search engines to other online marketing media when it comes to your product & target audience.

For e.g. let’s assume that you’re dealing with a consumer – household product especially to teenage crowd. Then your target audience share is on even with social media & a search engine which means your budget approach should be say 50-50 in case you’re opting on these two avenues. Now let’s assume that you’re dealing with travel packages then search engine gives you more visibility over social media due to wide spread of target audience. So you’re online marketing budget should give more prominence to search engines compared to other avenues. Say now you’re dealing with a huge industrial machines then you budget may be more inclined to b2b website or portals & search engine than other online avenues.

Note, SEO is service offering & if you don’t judge you requirement well then smart SEO agents can tax you heavily. So be wise & do a preliminary check before deciding on the SEO Agency.

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