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Anchor Text Backlinks Examined

Anchor Text Backlinks Examined

Anchor Text Backlinks Examined

When I first heard that there were approximately 14 billion websites on the internet I thought “I heard that wrong”; I thought “14 billion pages maybe but 14 billion sites! No WAY”! I took another look at it and sure enough, it said 14 BILLION sites… unreal!!!

The very next thought was “how does someone in the article marketing business get to the first page of google with billions of competitors”? Article marketing is a powerful way to get traffic to a website and if done correctly, means getting massive exposure from thousands and thousands of people coming to your site looking for products, services and information.

Anchor Text Backlinks Serious “Link-Juice”

Getting to the first page of google should be the goal for any serious internet business but getting to the first page may not be enough. The reality is that 80% of the clicks that occur on the first page of google goes to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd spots on the page. The first spot alone receives about 56% of the clicks. So if you’re ranking anywhere below the 3rd spot then just know that you’re getting only a small fraction of the traffic that you could be getting.

The key to ranking in the most trafficked spots in the SERP’s is to get more “anchor text backlinks” to your site then the other guy. I’ve heard it said that backlinks are like votes, if you get the most votes, YOU WIN! For those who are using article marketing as their main strategy to drive traffic to their site, they must get the most BACKLINKS!

Backlinks are the backbone in the competitive world of article marketing and if you’re not focused on getting massive amounts of quality, anchor text backlinks, you are wasting your energy, effort and time. Period!

How The Pro’s Do It

The first element is to write fresh, original content that people are searching for and will give value to the reader. A very successful article marketer personally advised me to make sure I had an intent and that I was solving problems with every article I published. If you peruse the editorial guidelines for submitting articles to the top article directories you’ll find that they are very serious about maintaining a good reputation on the internet for providing quality content. No rehashed, duplicate or especially spun articles will be permitted!

The second element for a successfully reaching the top spots in the search engines is to submit your original content with an anchor text link, to the authority article directories. Once your article is approved it will be submitted and you will have successfully created quality anchor text backlinks to your web page. All you need to do at this point is to repeat the process again and again to reach higher in the search engine results page.

That may sound like a lot of work to be able to create a backlink but are you building a business or treating your business like a hobby? If you want to get the most traffic to your site then creating anchor text backlinks is vitally important to your article marketing efforts and the rewards will be in direct proportion to how many anchor text backlinks you can get to point back to your website.

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Source by Jamie J LeBlanc

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