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Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey – Affiliate Internet Marketing and Beyond

Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey - Affiliate Internet Marketing and Beyond

Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey – Affiliate Internet Marketing and Beyond

The Web Wealth Story of 2009 has been and continues to be Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey. They introduce Commission BluePrint in August of 2008 and took the Internet Affiliate Marketing world by storm. It sold over 20,000 copies and Continues to be to this day one of the hottest selling Click Bank products of all time.

There philosophy was different than the Guru’s who came before them with claims of fast money and high class lifestyles. No, they told it straight. That this is a business that takes work but if you treated it like a business that it would pay you like a business.

And you know the result? Thousands of people who had online business ideas, make their first sales and veteran Internet markets took their floundering businesses to new heights. The results come pouring in every day and the stories of people who have never made a dime on the internet, are succeeding for the first time by following the step-by-step BluePrint laid out in the Commission Blueprint Internet Marketing Course.

They followed the success of Commission BluePrint with Niche BluePrint. This is designed not to navigate the perils of Affiliate Marketing but breaks new ground in the area of Niche Marketing. This course, initially beta tested with a small group of fortunate Internet Entrepreneurs, then released to the general public in a week-long limited sale. Well it proceed to sell and the closed the doors early.

This course was a fully developed step-by-step, take you by the hand masterpiece that showed you every thing you need to know. From doing the initial keyword research, to providing you with aproprietary list of drop shippers to secure your product, to supplying you with the E-commerce software and guiding you through setting up your store. Then Steve and Tim showed every white hat SEO tactic you needed to drive free traffic to your store to make sales and again thousands of new internet marketers became successful under the tutelage of Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey.

The next logical step was for Steve and Tim to combine these two powerful money making courses and show the world their genius by launching SEM Business BluePrint. This combines basic pay per click advertising skills with niche marketing skills along with the all the back-end documents needed to start your own Search Engine Management business. This is the by far the quickest and simplest route to quitting your job and working from home ever devised.

So how do you follow up that much success? Only by creating the aptly mis-named Commission BluePrint Two. I say mis-named because it implies that it is a sequel to the original Commission BluePrint. In a word, it’s Not! Commission BluePrint Two is a completely new product that takes Internet Affiliate Marketing to a new level. It is filled with proprietary tools and software. There is basic instructions for the beginning Affiliate Internet Marketer, intermediate instruction for the semi successful and advanced instruction for the highly skilled and successful Im’er.

You’ll find tools such as Article BluePrint, an article spinner and submitter, KeyWord BluePrint and Offer Evaluator for doing your market research and testing for profitability and Site BluePrint to help you build your Websites.

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Source by Jeff Ryder

22 Recurring Income Affiliate Programmes

22 Recurring Income Affiliate Programmes

22 Recurring Income Affiliate Programmes

We’ve compiled a list of internet marketing affiliate programs that pay recurring payments. Most but not all pay these commissions for as long as your referrals stay with the service.

Many of these programs offer a free trial period, making them easy to promote. Simply offer your readers ‘X’ number of free days of ‘Y’ service to try it out for themselves.

This list is just to get you started, and is by no means exhaustive.

And while we’ve tried to be as accurate as possible, programs and the commissions they pay can change literally overnight. So please explore these for yourself and by all means choose only the ones that are an excellent fit for you and your readers.

Answer Base – Q. and A. software that can grow search engine traffic as well as cutting down on customer service requests. Pays 50% of first payment, 15% lifetime commissions.

Ashop – Makes it easy for online merchants to have their own store. Pays 25% lifetime commissions.

Aweber – The godfather of all autoresponder services, the name practically speaks for itself. Pays 30% lifetime commissions.

Click Funnels – Russell Brunson’s program to build entire sales funnels, start to finish. Commissions are 40% per month or year, which adds up really fast considering he charges $97-$297 per month for the service.

Convert Kit – Email marketing for blogging professionals. This is a terrific autoresponder for bloggers and marketers, and pays 30% commissions.

DreamHost – Reputed web hosting company offering premium hosting and a dedicated version of wordpress called DreamPress. Make $97 per referral or 10% recurring, as well as $5 for each referral your referrals get.

Elegant Themes – Offers premium wordpress themes and plugins. Pays 50% commission, and you get paid again when your referrals renew their licenses.

Get Response – Another great autoresponder, offering a 30 day free trial which is an excellent selling tool for you, the affiliate. Pays 33% lifetime commissions.

HootSuite – Multiple social account management tool. Pays 15% recurring for 12 months.

Improvely – Conversion tracking and analytic tool to track organic traffic and ad campaigns. Pays 50% on first payment, 10% recurring.

Lead Pages – A very popular landing page creator. To be an affiliate you need to sign up for the service. Pays 30% commissions.

PowerMyAnalytics – Measures your advertising return on investment with better and more detailed tracking. 20% lifetime commissions.

Qhub – Q. and A. software that integrates with wordpress and can be embedded on your Facebook fan page. Pays 50% commissions and another 10% on their two-tiers program.

Semrush – An SEO and SEM tool with high conversions. Pays 40% recurring commissions.

Shopify – An ecommerce platform that offers total control over the look and feel of your online store. Pays 20% commissions.

Snip.ly – Drives conversions through content curation by adding a call-to-action to every link you share. Pays 20% commission.

SocialOomph – Social tool for scheduling posts, getting social insights, monitoring multiple accounts on one dashboard. Pays 40% recurring plus 5% from referral revenue.

Social Pilot – This is a social media automation tool, popular among entrepreneurs and bloggers. It lets you schedule updates on multiple social-media accounts, as well as auto-publishing using RSS. Pays 30% commission.

Tailwind – Pinterest scheduling tool for tracking, improving your pins and scheduling. Saves time, gains more blog traffic from Pinterest. Pays 15% recurring and $0.20 per free trial.

TD Web Services – Managed wordpress hosting, business hosting and dedicated servers. Pays 35% commissions.

Thrive Themes – Offers a suite of products for bloggers and internet marketers who use wordpress. Their specialty is conversion optimisation and their products sell well. Pays 50% commissions on purchases and 25% recurring commissions.

Upcity – Local inbound marketing services and SEO software. Pays 20% lifetime commissions.

The very best method for promoting these programs is to first use them yourself. Then you can give a first-hand accounting of what you like about the programs, and why you’re recommending them to your readers.

Of course there are plenty of recurring payment affiliate programs in other niches besides Internet Marketing. Whatever niche you’re in, make a search, find two or three you absolutely love, and promote them like crazy.

Soon you’ll be earning monthly income for referrals you made weeks and even months ago.

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Source by Nick James

Six Affiliate Marketing Business Tips For Writing Online As a Freelancer

Six Affiliate Marketing Business Tips For Writing Online As a Freelancer

Six Affiliate Marketing Business Tips For Writing Online As a Freelancer

Six Affiliate Marketing First Steps are presented here for newbie web writers who have learned the basics of online seo writing and now wish to progress towards their own online business marketing and writing their own work, rather than selling it.

Step One is to try various writing sites to find those which share a decent proprtion of their article-generated revenue with writers. Helium, Squidoo, Triond and Hub Pages are worth a look. Some offer opportunities for paid writing opportunities, a writer profile and an online portfolio. When the time comes to display competence as an affiliate marketing business owner, an online portfolio is a valuable showcase for prospective clients to view.

When freelancers have built an online presence, step number two awaits. They need to try writing sites where they can trial advertising common products from well-known online retailers. These writing sites provide a facility to change products often to see what works. Squidoo is a web 2.0 site where aspiring affiliate marketing business wannabees can easily add banners and links from well-known user-friendly companies like eBay and amazon. Work at home marketing starts here!

Step 3 involves a lot of trial and error and patience. Sales success with an affiliate marketing business does not occur instantly, but writers will soon discover tips about which products are in demand, which sell well and which don’t. Writers can soon learn how to design their own affiliate marketing business by monetizing their articles.

Step 4 follows when freelancers start to notice a slow trickle of affiliate sales or royalties coming in. Records need to be kept of where sales are coming from, which leads are good and which need to be developed further or ditched. Articles which generate high sales can be expanded into related topics.

Step 5 like all new businesses, not just affiliate marketing, might require some small capital investment (a few dollars of AdWords traffic perhaps) Good record keeping and research will avoid money getting lost.

The logical sixth step is to learn more about the affiliate marketing business from veterans who are already successful in the affiliate marketing business. It’s a great idea to join a well-recommended affiliate training program. There are a few of these around and some are more helpful than others. The one I joined also has a supportive members’ club forum, a hosting service and a fool-proof web-page building service. On the forum, we members exchange successful tips and encourage each other with new affiliate partner suggestions.

The best affiliate training courses will offer a structured schedule of tutorials, personal coaching from the experts, a supportive club of other writers in a forum, a tool kit of marketing resources and insider marketer information, hot product ideas and recommended affiliates to join. As with everything in life, writers too will get what they pay for, and the better sites charge a small subscription fee for the sound education they offer. The site listed below even has a Jobs Noticeboard where writers can earn their subscription money back by fulfilling assignments for other affiliate marketers!

Affiliate marketing courses enable students to learn by doing and to launch their affiliate businesses as they go along, with tuition and guidance along the way. Starting an affiliate marketing business doesn’t have to be a minefield of confusing new information – if article writers find a good affiliate training course to join.

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Source by S M Cullen

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) For Every Online Affiliate Marketer

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) For Every Online Affiliate Marketer

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) For Every Online Affiliate Marketer

There are literally no hidden secrets about how you can rank high with all of the major search engines solely due to effective search engine optimisation methods being well documented.

By providing visitors with the most relevant and up-to-date information to match the search term that was used, search engines are able to offer the most appropriate websites or webpages. Search engines are sophisticated directories which contain complex algorithms to help users to quickly find the relevant websites or webpages based on a chosen word or a phrase. Users will expect the most updated and newest information to be returned.

Therefore by updating your website as often as you can, and by adding some extra materials to your website, it can help you get recognised by search engines that your website is developing well and regularly. This can help with your rankings.

In addition to constantly updating your site, you will need to employ some Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) across your site as it helps the search engine identify what your site and pages are about. SEO is a process that webmasters or website owners will employ to assist with their website’s rankings. Competition is huge on the net and therefore you need to ensure that you are doing everything possible to help rank your website high.

As mentioned above, one the most effective methods to help rank your site higher is to provide high quality, regularly updated content consistently to your site. This is in addition to other SEO techniques such as generating inbound one-way links to your website and pages.

When writing content for your site, you need to ensure that you are using the targeted keywords and phrases within the content on the page. These need to be words and phrases that the visitor will use when they are performing their search with the search engine. By using more keywords in your content, there is possibly a higher chance is that online visitors may find your webpage when they are searching the net.

Remember that SEO is so important when developing your websites status. By writing high-quality, keyword rich content and creating links to your webpages from external sites, it will help develop and improve your websites popularity, ranking and overall, it should increase your online business and profit.

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Source by Chris Gilmour

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