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Defining Niche Keywords & Keyword Difficulty – Development of a New Essential and Unique SEO Tool

Defining Niche Keywords & Keyword Difficulty - Development of a New Essential and Unique SEO Tool

Defining Niche Keywords & Keyword Difficulty – Development of a New Essential and Unique SEO Tool

Niche Keywords

It is common knowledge amongst search engine optimizers that finding “niche keywords” is fundamental in our quest to attract visitors to a website. There are many keyword suggestion tools that claim to find niche keywords but in practice they generate lists of keywords without any practical means or guidance for separating out the niche keywords for us. In this article “keywords” includes keyword phrases.

How do we define a niche keyword?

Surprisingly, there does not appear to have been even one serious attempt at a definition of a “niche keyword”.

The following definition is recommended: A niche keyword is defined as having an above threshold search volume for the targeted locality of a website with potential for top ten positioning on the search engine results page (SERP) for that locality (country).


Although websites remain reachable from any location, the vast majority of websites are targeted at visitors within a country, state/county/province, or city/town. Only a minority of websites aim to provide information universally or seek sales internationally. Locality orientated searches form the fastest growing sector on the internet – currently estimated at 12%. A search that includes a locality has a better chance of converting on e-commerce and e-marketing websites.

When we seek niche keywords for locality based websites, we need data on the number of searches conducted for that locality and an assessment of the competition for the country specific search engines. The most popular search engine is google. Examples of google country specific search engines are google.co.uk, google.ca (Canada), google.fr (France) and google.jp (Japan). In addition to having the largest search database, and being free of charge, the google keyword research tool has the advantage of providing both global and country specific monthly search volumes.

Threshold Search Volume

The threshold search volume that is acceptable for a website is dependent on its purpose.

A global information website might choose a threshold search volume of a thousand searches per month before it would consider creating a web page focused on a keyword.

A website seeking clients within a locality might consider the return on investment acceptable for developing a web page on a keyword with potential to attract even one additional client a month.

Top 10 Positioning on Search Engine Results Pages

Few searchers click on web pages positioned below the top ten on SERPs. Whereas 42% of searchers click on the number one positioned web page for a search, only 0.7% of searchers will click on the 11th positioned web page and 0.07% for the forty first positioned web page. Put another way, if the number one web page for a keyword receives 600 visitors, the 11th web page will receive 10 visitors and there will be just one click on the 41st. From an SEO point of view, a web page that cannot be positioned within the top ten positions for a keyword on the SERP will fail to bring much traffic.

Keyword Difficulty

Keyword difficulty is an assessment of the chance of positioning a web page within the top ten positions on a SERP for a keyword.


Traditionally competition has been evaluated mainly by the number of ‘results’ which is the number of competing web pages. The Keyword Effectiveness Index – KEI – is the most popular formula for identifying “effective” keywords. It incorporates keyword popularity data (P = number of searches) and the competition (C). The formula is P2/C.

Invariably a search will show at least hundreds of competing web pages (results) and often millions. Whilst the number of results will provide some indication of keyword difficulty, it is the strength of the top ten web pages compared to the potential strength of the page we can build on our website that will determine if our page can reach the top ten. The competitive strength of the top ten competing web pages for a keyword is not a direct function of the total number of competing web pages. The strength of the competition of the top 10 competing web pages for a keyword with only 10 thousand competitors will be far greater than 1,000th of the strength of the competition for a keyword with 10 million competitors.

From a search engine optimisation perspective every web page should be optimized around one keyword.

From a web design point of view, we need to consider three types of web pages:

1. Pages that are required to cover the theme of the website but are based on keywords that are so competitive that they are unlikely to achieve top page positioning and therefore will not bring visitors to the website. For example, a holiday accommodation advertising website may produce an excellent page on “Italy”. If it provides useful information, it will be appreciated by visitors who arrive on the website. High positioning on the SERPs for “Italy” is unlikely, however much effort you put into it, and this page will not bring visitors from the search engines.

2. Pages that are required to cover the theme of the website and are based on niche keywords and may bring visitors to the website – in practice there are unlikely to be many of these.

3. Pages that are not obviously required to cover the theme of the website but are developed around relevant niche keywords from a list of keywords initially generated by a keyword suggestion tool. The difficulty here is separating out the niche keywords from the full list. We need to focus our precious time and SEO efforts on the niche keywords where we can successfully compete.

How do we find the niche keywords from a list of keywords initially generated by a keyword suggestion tool?

In 2004, it was estimated that google included 200 factors in its positioning algorithm. In 2009, many search optimisation optimizers believe google now uses more than 300 factors. It is unlikely that each of these factors carry equal weighting.

Using retro-analysis of top ten positioned web pages for numerous keyword searches, the author identified the most important, but underestimated, factor in the google algorithm that determines positioning on SERPs (HomePage PageRank or G-Factor-I). It then became apparent that a second factor (G-Factor-II – a hidden boost to the effective PageRank of HomePages competing for a keyword) significantly influenced positioning.

Once aware of G-Factor-I, identification of niche keywords by manual analysis of a list of keywords generated by my favourite keyword suggestion tool proved to be prohibitively time consuming. For a list of 50 keywords, the G-Factor-I must be determined for each of the top 10 web pages – 500 calculations. A unique, purpose built program – Keyword SEO Pro – has been commissioned. No analysis is required for G-Factor-II.

The Most Important Question In Search Engine optimisation

The most frequently asked question that I am asked by web site owners is “How can I get my web pages to the top on the SERPs for my keywords?” My advice may surprise you: Take out the “How”!

You will then have the most important question web site owners and search engine optimizers should be asking:-

“Can I get my web pages to the top on the SERPs for my keywords?”

Using the combination of KeywordSEOPro to analyze for G-Factor-I for a list of keywords and by comparison with G-Factors-I and II for your own web pages, you will be able to identify your niche keywords and focus your SEO efforts appropriately. A more detailed explanation is provided on the website.

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Source by David Viniker

Why Custom WordPress Themes Are Always Best to Create Unique Websites

Why Custom WordPress Themes Are Always Best to Create Unique Websites

Why Custom wordpress Themes Are Always Best to Create Unique Websites

Do you have plans to initiate your own blogging website, but still have a doubt that the existing wordpress theme would look messy? We all are aware that wordpress development is a great option for business owners to build their site as it is easy to maintain and is affordable. Today, millions of businesses are purchasing WP templates simply because they are cheap and can offer a decent look to your website, but there are at times a few things are missing with a template.

Customized wordpress development has in fact become the hottest topic in the web development industry and this platform stands as an outstanding blogging tool and a CMS having two key features that includes the template system and the robust plug-in architecture.

Choosing a custom wordpress theme:

wordpress is an open source CMS that started as a simple blogging tool, which now evolved into something that is feature rich and can create awesome sites. One of the best features of WP development is that its support for themes makes it easy to customize the look based on the requirements of your website. Since it is an open source platform, developers can easily work on it and improve it accordingly and this makes it easy to customize by using your codes and by installing a theme that is created by someone else.

Though you can find both free as well as paid wordpress themes for your project, it is important to take a wise decision as it is important to save your money or saving efforts. If in case you wish to modify the pre designed wordpress themes based on your preferences, then you can do it through customization. It is good to use pre-designed themes as it saves much of your precious time, but in case you want to make your website stand apart from others, then availing customization services is the best.

Developing a custom theme has its own advantages and here are some of them:

Exact design: Once you chose a specific theme, it can be modified into an exact implementation of your design down to the pixels. Instead of having to settle for someone’s else design decisions and enjoying a limited feature, WP customization helps to build the theme and create something that is exactly according to your needs.

Enhanced security: Customized themes are less likely to have security loopholes because you are using only a few features and less code. Even though if you find some bugs or errors, you don’t have to wait for a security support or a bug patch from any third party. You can easily fix them as soon as you find them.

Uniqueness: The theme that you choose can be made unique based on your site. This means that your website will be the only one using it and will not resemble any of the other sites that are out there using the same theme with varying colors.

Limited plugin usage: With a custom wordpress theme, you can easily build the functionality of most of the plugins that you want to use straight into the theme. This is true for the plugins that you will use for the content layout and customization. This will reduce the dependency on any third party plugin and also make the theme work faster as the plugin codes won’t be injected during run time.

No feature overload: Most of the third party themes contain numerous features and customization codes and these are required so that it can cater to varied client’s requirements. Customized themes don’t need a plethora of features that you are not going to use. All the unwanted features add extra executable codes and this can potentially slow down the speed of your website.

Search engine optimisation: A customized theme of wordpress is often best suited for the SEO as it is very clean and without an extra source code. There are no other extra features and those that are required can be built into the theme itself rather than having to use any extra plugins. You can also use the appropriate HTML tags for the content without customizing the layouts. Clean codes often make the website very light and there are various themes and frameworks that specializes in speed, but a custom theme is the best option before you.

Besides these, In google.com/website?sl=ar&tl=en&hl=en&u=https://www.idslogic.com/wordpress-development/”>wordpress development, wordpress developers are easy to find and so making your website according to your choice also becomes easy. Assistance and technical support is always available at reasonable prices and along this you can also access various tools easily.

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