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Refraction Theme Review – A RocketTheme WordPress Theme

Refraction Theme Review - A RocketTheme WordPress Theme

Refraction Theme Review – A RocketTheme wordpress Theme

RocketTheme started developing wordpress themes in 2009. Refraction theme is one of their early efforts, yet it’s a fantastic design (one of my favorite RocketTheme designs).

If asked to sum up RocketTheme with one word, I’d say “stylish”.

When you check out RocketTheme wordpress themes, you’ll appreciate the incredible attention to detail. Refraction theme certainly qualifies.

However, Refraction doesn’t stop at just being stylish. It has great functionality and customizable options as well.

Refraction Theme Features In Detail

Major Widget Use

The home page has 14 widget locations. All inner pages offer 10 widget locations. The use and importance of widgets for wordpress has exploded recently.

Widgets are a primary vehicle for customizing your theme. Where there is a widget placement, you can pretty much insert any type of content – text, images, video, etc. without knowing any php coding at all.

10 Designs-In-One

Another common feature among RocketTheme wordpress themes is they come with several color-schemes. The Refraction theme comes with 10 color schemes. You change the color scheme simply by clicking a button. This gives you great design flexibility.

I have a poor sense of design, so I like relying on the color scheme and designs that are the default in themes and templates. That’s why I like themes that offer several design options built-in.

Not only do you get color-customization, but you can choose from several typography settings. We all don’t like the same font. RocketTheme understands this and offers several typography styling options that cover titles, headings, and content text.

Home Page Slide Show

Many websites these days feature a slide show above the fold on the home page. With the Refraction theme, the slide show presents a featured post with a link.

Home Page Featured Posts with Thumbnail Imaging

Go to any newspaper or magazine site and you’ll see excerpts of stories on the home page with a small image next to it. These are “featured posts”. Refraction theme has this option for you as well. You can list your best content with thumbnail images on your home page if that’s the look and navigation you want on your website.

Even though the featured posts layout is commonly found on newspaper and magazine websites, you’re seeing it more and more on business and corporate sites as well. It’s a stylish and effective way of presenting your most important information on the home page.

Widgetized Footer

The old-school wordpress themes made it difficult to place content in the footer. Footer content is content that appears on every page and post of a website. It’s like a sidebar but at the bottom of a website.

The Refraction theme offers a widgetized footer so you can place any content in your footer very, very easily.


With a purchase of the Refraction theme (via RocketTheme club membership) you get 9 tutorials to help with setting up and customizing your Refraction theme.

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