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Offering Service Using CeMAP Training

Offering Service Using CeMAP Training

Offering Service Using CeMAP Training

Mortgage is a special application required to make things possible. Different finance products are available in the market, so that customer requirements can be satisfied. It is a wide market comprising different progressions which should be necessarily met by the experts called mortgage advisor. The finance consultant is a person who offers advice or solutions on various problems faced by the customers. There are different types available to meet different customers.

It is a product where the customer will be charge fixed interest rate for the package obtained from any financial institutions. This type of package carries one major advantage that the customer can pay the same interest though the rate has been increased in the market. But the case reversed, if the rate gets decreased. If the CeMAP mortgage advisor is consulted, then suggestion will be provided whether the product chosen is right for the customer.

When variable rate is chosen, the client is required to pay the standard variable rate of interest. Almost every finance product carries interest structure which differs accordingly as per the fluctuation of the market. Sometimes, the rates may drop off and the payment will be made properly and vice versa. The flexible loans are also a kind of product designed to alter the repayments which suits the situation. This type of package charge interest daily or monthly basis, so that low class customers get satisfied from the service offered. In discount rate package, the interest rate is set for a specified period.

It is the obligation of the mortgage advisor to offer the special consultation to the clients on various situations and services. To offer the special consultation regarding financial assets, instruments, interest rates, solutions for the problem faced on credit and on different aspects, CeMAP training is required. Today, more number of people started joining the CeMAP training offered by the recognized institutions. Specific course of training will be provided for the advisor regarding various aspects, so that the consultant can offer effective training to the customer. The CeMAP exams are conducted for the trainees in an organized method covering required syllabus, mortgage updates and interest rates and still more. So, the service of mortgage advisor is more important and it is definitely need to be served.

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Source by Shiji Shijina

5 Things to Know About Freelancers Before Offering Them Any Projects

5 Things to Know About Freelancers Before Offering Them Any Projects

5 Things to Know About Freelancers Before Offering Them Any Projects

Most clients will not bother with the way things are done for freelancers as long as the end product is completed as per their requirements. Freelancers have healthy competition for local as well as global projects. If you rely on people seeking freelance jobs for additional work that you needn’t bother your staff for then here are 5 things you need to remember before you post the next project.

Judge them on their expertise

Depending on projects, choose the level of expert you require. If a rookie freelancer with a decent proposal will do then don’t feel inclined to spend more money on a veteran freelancer. Conserve resources where you can and give the most deserving candidate a chance.

Don’t get stuck with experienced freelancers who charge profusely

Experienced freelancers are usually easier to deal with because of their knowledge of the business that doesn’t always make them professional. They can also be arrogant because of an extensive portfolio. Unless a freelancer comes highly recommended from trustworthy sources, don’t jump to conclusions and make a logical decision

Beware of freelancers who trade pay for recommendations

You will come across freelancers who are willing to take a pay cut for an assured recommendation. Beware of such freelancers because they are already thinking about the next job they could get before you have finalized the terms of the current job. You will be forced to write a recommendation as a part of the contract. It is better to write a recommendation for a freelancer you enjoyed working with as a thank you for his professionalism rather than a forceful one.

Don’t share what you pay others

Some freelancers have a rude habit of sharing their payment terms with others on internet forums and discussion threads. It is alright to give a ballpark figure but mentioning the exact terms and employer’s name can get tricky for you as an employer. You can add confidentiality clauses to avoid such occurrences. You don’t want to be haggled with because of a past deal that may not have been the best for you.

Know when to put your foot down

You need to get work done and you are in the market for the right freelancer to undertake the project. Freelancers will also battle it out to win your bid and get hired. You can meet some demands of the freelancers to adhere to your deadlines but don’t give too much leeway or you will have to pay for a headache you could have avoided. Set the terms of business with no scope of ambiguity for a smooth deal.

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Source by Ekta Jain

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