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Choosing the Right SEO Services For Your Company

Choosing the Right SEO Services For Your Company

Choosing the Right SEO Services For Your Company

Search Engine Optimisation is no longer the ‘dark art’ it used to be. Anyone with enough time and a general grasp of technology can learn enough to ensure they can handle their own SEO requirements and maybe even do better than the consultants can. But how do they even start?

Well, some companies offer a range of SEO Services and many will offer a reduced cost in return for the customer taking on some of the burden themselves. Let’s keep in mind one thing: SEO is a time-intensive task and time is expensive. One hour of consultancy work can cost in the region of £50, something you could do yourself really because much of this work is just donkey-work, no skill involved.

So, why not learn a bit yourself and save a bit of cash?

Many SEO companies won’t offer these services as they see them as essentially teaching the competition how to do their work – but let’s face it, there are enough courses around and information on the Internet already so if they were so inclined they could do it anyway. Such protectionism should be frowned upon, choose a nice open company that is willing to teach you at the same time and you’ve found a gem!

If you find a company that helps you to learn the process of SEO at the same time as working with your site to increase it’s ranking then you are in a great position. Firstly, you can hold the company to account – they can’t just sit back and take your money while you see no results. Secondly you can learn the ins and outs of the process and do a lot of the work yourself. Very often, companies offering these sort of services very often have a sliding scale of charges so you can spend less the more you learn.

There is, however, another option. If your company is large enough, you could opt to go for a full training course where you simply learn everything you need to know and then implement it yourself. Again, don’t go for a company that just provides SEO training, opt for one that offers a range of SEO services so they can prove that they actually know what they’re talking about.

Too many companies offer training when they are really just reciting verbatim what can be found in many manuals. Find a company with a track record and a tutor who knows what he or she is talking about before believing anything they say.

There is one last thing to remember. SEO is a moving target and you cannot use the techniques you learned last year this year and next. You need to stay up to date and make sure you keep your ear to the ground. Again, a good SEO services company will help you with this and offer to keep you up to date via email, RSS feeds and other means to ensure you are constantly ahead of the game.

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Source by Andy Calloway

Choosing Between Drupal, Joomla and WordPress For Your CMS

Choosing Between Drupal, Joomla and WordPress For Your CMS

Choosing Between Drupal, Joomla and wordpress For Your CMS

What are the differences between Drupal, Joomla and wordpress when choosing to use a Content Management System (CMS)? Given all the differences between the three, what is the best one to choose?

A CMS will generally come with the ability to assist with user accounts (which may involve a variety of roles e.g. admin, editor, basic user etc.), it makes and preserves menus, and it manages the content of the website and the overall system. A CMS is essential for the easy running of large, content rich sites.

Drupal is a highly sophisticated programming interface for web developers. This CMS will work on any platform that has a web server able to run PHP and a database, it needs these so that it can store the website’s content and settings. There are many themes that can customize the way a website looks and feels, all an administrator needs to do is choose the required theme from a menu. Drupal is a very powerful tool that is best suited to advanced PHP developers, it is often accused of making sites that are not very pretty though anyone with a good understanding of it’s templates system will not have a problem with this.

Joomla is another popular CMS. This CMS is also written in PHP, it stores all necessary data in a MySQL database and also includes features such as RSS feeds, page caching, blogs, news flashes, and so on. It can be uploaded onto any web server that supports applications for PHP. There are many different hosting sites that provide a control panel that allows the deployment of a Joomla web site. Joomla is not as complicated to use as Drupal, but if a site needs to go beyond the standard setup it might prove too much for the novice programmer.

wordpress is often used as a blog publishing application that can be powered or operated by PHP and MySQL. This has many different features that include a plug in design and a framework for templates. Three hundred of the worlds biggest websites use wordpress as their CMS. This is the most popular blog software used today.

It has features such as templates and widgets that can be positioned without needing to know any PHP or any form of HTML code. It also features links that use integrated link management, a helpful search engine and supports the posting of non-blog articles hence its use as a CMS. wordpress allows users and developers alike to go beyond the features that come pre-installed by adding many more features via freely available plugins. It is the ideal solution for anyone who wants a feature rich site that is easy to setup.

In making your choice of CMS, it is best to understand the full scope of the website that you are creating. Choosing the wrong CMS at the start can cause no end of problems as transferring to a new system may not be so easy. For complex sites with unique features Drupal is recommended. For simpler sites it’s best to go with wordpress. Joomla lies somewhere in between.

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wordpress-For-Your-CMS&id=4544501″>Source by Derek Leahy

WordPress Hosting – Choosing the Best

WordPress Hosting - Choosing the Best

wordpress Hosting – Choosing the Best

Which is the best hosting provider for your wordpress blog? With so many companies and packages how do you choose which is the best for your blog? I’ve compared the leading hosting providers so that you can make the right decision.

Today there are a lot of hosting companies which you can choose to host your wordpress blog. Not all are the same however. Most will provide a reasonable level of service, with good uptime and features. But when your blog traffic grows will your hosting package have enough bandwidth? As your blog files increase will you have enough disk space?

I have compared the leading hosting providers and short listed the top packages. Each of these is perfect for running a wordpress blog. They all offer great uptime and support and enough bandwidth and disk space for your blog to grow without you having to go through the painful task of moving hosting company. Here are the top wordpress hosting providers.

1st place goes to BlueHost. BlueHost are one of the leading hosting companies today. They offer those extra touches such as the latest version of cPanel and Fantastico, so that you can easily install and manage your wordpress blog. With a massive 300Gb of disk space and 3000Gb of bandwidth you can happily grow you blog content and readership without outgrowing your hosting package.

2nd place goes to HostGator. They are the fastest growing hosting company on the internet. This is due to their excellent customer care and support response. With an incredible 600Gb of disk space and 6000Gb of bandwidth your blog can grow and grow and grow. HostGator offer unlimited domains and databases, so if you are looking to host more than one blog on your account HostGator are perfect.

3rd place goes to Hostmonster. Although cheaper than BlueHost and HostGator, Hostmonster offers excellent uptime and support. 300Gb of disk space and 3000Gb of bandwidth is more than enough for any growing blog. Perfect for anyone wanting to keep initial costs low.

I have used each of these hosting companies and can highly recommend them for your wordpress blog. Choosing the right wordpress host today will save you problems and headaches in the future.

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wordpress-Hosting—Choosing-the-Best&id=829140″>Source by Darren Lambert

3 Main Reasons to Select Outsource SEO Services Rather Than Choosing In-House SEO

3 Main Reasons to Select Outsource SEO Services Rather Than Choosing In-House SEO

3 Main Reasons to Select Outsource SEO Services Rather Than Choosing In-House SEO

Search engine optimisation is becoming very important for online business nowadays. It has gained so much importance that several IT firms are even providing their specialized services in this specific field. Now the million dollar question is whether you should hire someone outside of your firm for the optimisation services to make the websites friendlier to the search engine or you should indulge your own firm for search engine optimisation. Any SEO services provider firm can be hired for the optimisation purposes of the websites. These firms often charge the clients certain bucks in order to share their expertise in the perspective field.

The in-house SEO is something that your own firm pursues. A group or flocks of people, who work together and share their knowledge to best, optimize the websites. But the team of search engine optimizers only works for the in-house projects and they do not accept any outside projects. The team is specifically designed so that it can meet the internal SEO needs and can sort out internally. The internal SEO team works dedicatedly behind the company’s projects and derive the solution as per needed.

What is Outsource SEO Services?

If you are not sure that your in-house SEO team can actually solve your search engine requirements and can give you the maximum benefits then you should outsource SEO projects rather than harming your business or depending on your in-house SEO team. There are firms that provide search engine optimisation services in exchange of some monetary amount. Such firms are specialized in the perspective field and offer their services to the handle the outsourced SEO projects. Different SEO services provider firm offers services at different rates depending on the services and the manual effort.

Why to go for Outsource SEO Services rather than In-house SEO?

Now here comes the main question that will clear the major difference between the outsource SEO and the in-house SEO services. It will also help you to decide whether you should opt for in-house SEO or you should better outsource the SEO projects. There are few reasons, which will definitely help you to take the decision like:

• Firm Deadline:

Well, if you are involving in-house SEO and you are setting a predetermined deadline then, also it might fluctuate because it is your in-house project therefore your needs might change continuously and you will definitely not compromise on it. Thereby you will delay the project and it will not meet the deadline. But while you outsource SEO projects to other firms they will start as per your initial requirements and if in case your requirements are changing and it is possible to reflect the changes into the websites then only they will change or else they will not. Thus, they will definitely meet the deadline and will deliver the projects on time.

• Implementation of Variety of Resources & Ideas:

While you are involving your in-house SEO the ideas that they will share will be limited. Whereas if you hire an outsource SEO services provider firm, it will merge different ideas and thoughts before implementing finally to optimize the websites. It would be again an additional advantage for you to direct the projects to the outsource SEO services provider firm.

• Reduction in Cost Factor:

The most common thinking is if you direct your projects outside rather than depending on the in-house SEO then, it would be more costly. But in reality it never happens while you depend on companies that manages outsource SEO services, they charge you for one time and will do the optimisation along with the maintenance. You will get the services with variable resources and ideas, which will help in better optimizing the websites. While with your in-house SEO all time maintenance cost would be there and unnecessarily usage of resources would be there with lacking quality.

These are the three main benefits which you can definitely receive through outsource SEO services and can improve the ranking of the websites in the search engine result page. SEO services provider firms are the biggest option for the one who wants to excel in online business with quality services. So, what are you waiting for?

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Source by Swaty Agarwal

SEO Tutorial – The Importance Of Choosing The Right Keywords

SEO Tutorial - The Importance Of Choosing The Right Keywords

SEO Tutorial – The Importance Of Choosing The Right Keywords

The start of any good SEO tutorial should always begin by discussing the most important thing in SEO – Keywords. Keywords or key phrases help the search engines match your website to a particular search term, so it is crucial that the right keywords are optimised for your website. Gone are the days where you could choose one simple keyword such as ‘music’ and expect to rank highly for this word.

Now that the internet is so congested with websites it is now almost impossible to achieve a high ranking for one word keywords. You would be better putting more thought into a two, three or even four word key phrase in order to achieve a top ranking.

As any good SEO tutorial will tell you, when you start SEO on your website you should think about what keywords or phrases best describes your website or the product or service you are selling. You then need to combine thought with what terms potential customer will be searching for in order to try and find your site. For example if you have a website that sells football memorabilia then ‘football’ is a mandatory keyword. But if you fail to optimise for more keywords or phrases such as ‘retro football shirts’, ‘collectible football merchandise’ or ‘football memorabilia’ then you are unlikely to rank highly at all, especially for such a popular search term as ‘football’.

Try and think about keywords around the theme of your website. Think about what keywords and key phrases your competitors may be using. It might be difficult at first and if you have trouble thinking of keywords then you can always use Key Phrase Suggestion Tools, such as google Keywords Tool. So to conclude the first part of this SEO Tutorial, remember that good keywords are the foundations of successful search engine optimisation.

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Source by Steven Augello

Choosing the Right SEO Provider to Bring Your Website in Top 10

Choosing the Right SEO Provider to Bring Your Website in Top 10

Choosing the Right SEO Provider to Bring Your Website in Top 10

Internet is moving and spreading second by second. Everything is now internet supported. Everything is online. There is no big deal to search any thing. Everyone can search the information; images related information, blogs and many others by just putting the keyword on the search engine. Companies are making and maintaining their websites to become popular in the market. There are billions of the websites. Millions of the websites are available on one subject. Hundreds of the search engines are available to search the subject matter on each topic. Every software house is designing hundreds of the websites daily. The trend of developing the websites is multiplying day by day. Every company wants its website at the top of the search engine search. Every company wants maximum hits on its website. This is called search engine optimisation. Search engine optimisation is shortly known as SEO. It works a lot for the articles and writer of the articles.

The basic purpose of SEO is to improve the visibility of the web portal on the searched items through natural results. We do lots of searches every day. These searches include blogs, images, websites, news and documents. Similarly SEO Services deal with every kind of search optimisation. There are different charges for different searches. There are many companies available in the markets which are providing these services. It is the best business now days to earn money in the internet market. If one wants to search the Best SEO Company from the market then he or she must search the market through internet and other sources. Every country has its specialized SEO companies. They work on very simple principle of increasing the relevance of keywords. Inbound links and backlinks are also one strategy of these companies. This strategy removes the barriers in the indexing activity.

Search engine optimizers or SEO is the general term which was first adopted by the consultants of the industry who optimize the projects. These projects are optimized on behalf of the clients. The use of this companies services are increasing day by day and it largely affects the businesses. Businesses are earning from the hits of the website. There are many factors which affect the these companies and its scheme of working. It works on keywords, indices, URL and such forth. It starts by webmaster in 1990s but taken the boom in 2000s. These businesses totally rely on the search engine traffics. google and yahoo are the most surfed web engines and SEO companies always taken the edge on these web servers.

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Source by Nitin K Singh

Choosing the Perfect Business WordPress Theme

Choosing the Perfect Business WordPress Theme

Choosing the Perfect Business wordpress Theme

wordpress is the perfect website platform for businesses of all sizes. It’s flexible, open source design means that wordpress is flexible enough to cater for nearly all perceivable business requirements.

Here’s my advice of key elements you need to check before you buy a business wordpress theme.


Seach Engine Optimisation, usually known as SEO is a key part of the success of any business looking to promote it’s self on the Internet. wordpress is pretty good at SEO out of the box. However some business WordPressthemes include extra SEO features, sometime without the need for plugins.

Your life will be made easier if you can easily make changes to the themes page titles, meta data and other key SEO elements. If your theme doesn’t include it’s own SEO features then you should check that it’s compatible with leading plugins such as “All In One Seo” (most themes are ok).

How easy is it use

Not all themes are made equal. Your going to be in the backend of your wordpress site quite a lot and you want to ensure that its going to be easy to make use of all of your new themes features. Some themes have well designed admin and posting option boxes within wordpress. These are great as it’s usually straight forward to work on your website. You also want to ensure that if possible the theme supports widgets and the wordpress 3.0 menu system. Again these two feature make customising the basics of your site really easy.

Some themes don’t. They might require some extra technical knowledge maybe the use of lots of custom fields or other complicated plug-ins.

How easy is it to customise

Your probably going to want to customise your theme to your own tastes and styles. Some themes come with a whole range of colour schemes and style sheets making it easy to make the site your own. Some Themes such as Thesis and WP-Remix literally have hundreds of different combinations making virtually unlimited layouts and styles.

Does it have key business elements

If you’re in business your probably going to want to encourage your visitors to take some kind of action on your website. This could be signing up to your mailing list of contacting your for more information (a lead).

To encourage this there are some key elements you’re probably going to need. Here’s some of I think are the most important.

  • Space for Testimonials around the site
  • Room for a clear call to action or statement
  • Contact forms
  • Clear contact details in the header such as phone number
  • Portfolio or our work pages to clearly show off your work


When buying a new business wordpress theme as long as you are clear on your own requirements and how the theme will fit with your marketing messages you should be ok. Look for themes with these key features and you’ll find it easy to get your new business website up quickly and easily.

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wordpress-Theme&id=5037572″>Source by James A Cooper

Key Aspects to Focus on When Choosing a WordPress Theme

Key Aspects to Focus on When Choosing a WordPress Theme

Key Aspects to Focus on When Choosing a wordpress Theme

Design and User-Experience

Certainly, your reason for choosing a particular theme is to make sure that your website would look impressive and your brand would be displayed in the best way possible. You can find a theme that suits your business by following a number of steps.

As a start, search for the sites where the best-designed themes are sold. Though this may be obvious, I find it worth mentioning. My personal favorite is Theme Forest but there are also lots of good designs available in Elegant Themes and Studio Press.

Next, devote time to browse the demo. See if the website looks simple to use. Does it have enough white space? Does it feel exciting or does it give you a headache? Your gut feeling plays a vital part in the choices you make.

Lastly, choose a cross-browser compatible theme, which has also been built to be accessible.


Mobile traffic differs from one industry to another, but many reports have come to an agreement that on an average, 30% of people use their mobile phones and tablets in visiting websites.Whether or not this is accurate, there is more than enough reason to use a responsive theme.

Nearly all reputable themes are compatible with mobile devices, so when a theme lacks responsiveness, this is a cause for concern. Many theme sellers allow you to filter out unresponsive themes. An additional option is to browse over a curated, responsive theme list. One of the effective ways to know if a responsive theme is good enough is to try to run the demo via google‘s latest mobile-friendliness tool.


When wordpress is equipped with any of the several great SEO plugins, it could be among the most SEO-friendly CMS available. Yet, a lot of themes make all kinds of on-site SEO errors like omitting header and alt tags, duplicating content and making dynamic URL mistakes.

In choosing a theme, go for one that mentions “SEO ready” or “SEO optimized” in its description, but do not blindly trust it. Many developers add this so they could sell their theme. When you know that a designer has at least taken SEO into consideration when developing their theme, you get some sort of assurance.

You can install an extension like SEO Site Tools or Mozbar for the Chrome browser to do some fast SEO checks on the demo of a theme.

Easy to Customize

Several themes come standard with a customization dashboard. This way, you don’t have to do direct changes to style sheets. Furthermore, plugins like Visual Page Editor simplify building complicated page structures without the need to touch code. A number of these WYSIWYG editors are quite limiting, but overall, I consider them as very advantageous to making a website look impressive without exerting much effort. If a demo of the developer‘s administration panel is available, I would suggest you to try it so you can customize the things you need to.

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wordpress-Theme&id=9454884″>Source by Karina Popa

Writing Services – Tips For Choosing A Freelance Content Writing Service

Writing Services - Tips For Choosing A Freelance Content Writing Service

Writing Services – Tips For Choosing A Freelance Content Writing Service

The Internet is a wonderful invention and it is being used to the fullest by Internet Marketers the world over. What started as a research project for the US military has taken the works of information technology by storm, and all in a matter of a decade, if not less.

Internet marketers are flooding the Net with new improved user-friendly content on their blogs, websites and marketing articles and mailers in a bid to stay ahead of the competition, which is where hiring professional help for quality writing comes in! They are selling everything, from physical products, services to mere concepts – and making money too! Not just making a few bucks, but raking it in by the millions, which is why article writing and marketing is big business too!

Most online success is achieved by writing and posting a large volume of high quality articles on popular online directories that are designed for just that – article publishing! Most of these articles, not surprisingly, are written by people who are paid to write. They are primarily freelance writers and are signed up as professional writers associated with registered writing services. Some writing services have full time writers but most hire the freelance writing services of people who wish to work part-time from the comforts of their home over the internet.

Millions of content writing services have sprouted like mushrooms all over cyber-space. However, no one can really sort out the wheat from the chaff unless they have quality parameters in place to check for the best service for their marketing dollar. Thus, It is important to choose one’s content writing services with a great deal of care. For, while getting 400 or 500 word articles to promote an online business is not so difficult, getting a timely, affordable and original volume order on quality articles really is.

By quality articles, I refer to articles that are free of any kind of plagiarism, that are Search Engine Optimized (SEO), and written specifically around the heading (also called Keyword), which, should also be catchy and relevant to the topic it is portraying.

Many writing services have jumped onto the band wagon and are selling anything, but SEO articles. The placement of keywords or key phrases is not given much attention, nor the density either. What to say of the more unscrupulous writing services that are a dime-a-dozen these days too? They just blatantly google the topic and copy and paste entire blocks of content, sewing them together to resemble an article and replace words here and there with synonyms, a tool very popular with most unregistered freelance writing services.

So, before selecting any of the writing services for promoting a site, prudence calls for an interview with the writer or writers to establish contact and get to know the quality of service one may expect. Though this is not a guarantee that the interviewee will be the one doing the writing, it is important to have some quality parameters in place for judging the kind of content you are likely to get by discussing the writer’s approach to research, structure and knowledge of the core subject. It will all come down to a writing contract stating clearly the terms and conditions governing the quality of the service to be delivered. In the absence of such a contract, or in spite of it, some amount of the payment should be withheld until the content is used satisfactorily without any plagiarism issues. This is the practice many content writing services that are confident of their quality will offer.

Nevertheless, a constant vigil over the quality of writing should always be maintained if publishers want to get their money’s worth from any third party freelance writing service.

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Source by Deepanjolie Figg

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