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Quote Number QUO-0001
Quote Date 19 January 2023
Total £12,000.00

Quotation for

Attn: Dr.Ahmed

20th January 2023

Dear Dr. Ahmed

Please find below a detailed quotation for the redesign of as we have discussed

To Rebuild the website on a development server until ready to go live

The brief is to:

Continue using the domain

Split the domain into 2 subdomains called &

Each subdomain will have 2 languages (English & Arabic), this will be achieved by using a plugin called WPML or Polylang.

The primary subdomains will be built in English, once these are built the client will be able to go to the Arabic version of each page and translate the text to suit their needs ( I cannot do this as I cannot speak Arabic) if Marwa needs help with this, I can help her at my hourly rate (this would be extra and above this quote)

The new website will use geolocation technology to identify where the user is browsing from, this can either auto-direct the user or ask them which version they would like to view

All Links if the original site will be either kept or redirected with 301 redirects to preserve search engine rankings

Any pages that refer to both the Egypt and Dubai branches (eg, if you have a page called automotive accountants in Dubai and Egypt) will need to be edited to refer to the Dubai branch only and a new page created for the Egyptian subdomain. (other than these pages, all pages already present on the existing site will be used for the new website)

If new Egyptian page variations are needed, they will be created using the existing Dubai content but using the Egyptian keywords ( the content will also be reworded to avoid content duplication)

Images will be supplied from the Envato elements library, the client can choose them if they wish and I can give you access to it if you require it

Any specific extra content that the client requires, will be provided by them

As the content is added, I will perform the On page SEO needed to make the pages rank accordingly on Google and other SEs

The client's branding will be maintained throughout.

I recommend using the Flatsome Theme for this project, it is an established, fast, easy-to-administer bulletproof theme with a track record, if you prefer to stick with elementor, I can use that too, please let me know

Before building the site, a mock-up will be provided of all the main pages for approval

Completion time would be 8 weeks from order.

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Total £12,000.00

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